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Mel And Kim

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As others have said thanks for the pics and tales you have posted. Very sorry to read about Mel, it is one draw back to sight hounds, but to me I just wouldn't be able to take away the joy they get off lead.
Thanks John.

Little Un isn't very strong yet, but we're working on it. She'll be off the lead in a few weeks. Gated field and big girl kimmy on the lead for starters!

Yes they have to run, walking's alright but running is what they love.
Run this weekend. She's got some muscles on chest and bum now plus a lot of energy!
24kg and full of energy now. Chasing and being chased by Kim and Libbie is the only way to properly wear her out.

Kim t boned me on the knee. Luckily she had a muzzle on which hurt me more than her. 3 greyhounds going bananas need the muzzle on or the 2 big ones give Ellie short shrift.

She's a good girl now and very funny. Woof woof, grumble grumble while stood waiting at the open front door. No movement though ☺
We're hoping for 4 greyhounds off the lead this weekend. Chaos :-
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On Beadnell beach

Kim and Ellie flat out at the foot of the bed on holiday.

Ellie is now mainly off the lead and almost walking without on the quiet streets on the way to the field. Kimmy has to be on the lead and I wouldn't even consider letting her off apart from a clear field.

Don't want any accidents though, so she stays on till we get there.

A very good girl!
We are working on swimming lessons now. Jay the black lab is a strong swimmer and comes back on command. The trent can be dangerous and the current on the far side from where the beach and canoe ramp is, is strong.

Ellie is a young greyhound and has no fear of water....

So she's been in on 2 leads length and I'm planning to take a long length of floating rope next time so she can go a bit further. If she struggles or heads downstream I can reel her in!
This is a lovely thread and seems to sum up the joys and sadness of owning dogs in about equal measure. Long may you and your proper. :flowers:
She's been in the trent once this week and twice in the Devon. First time by accident and she launched herself off the fisherman's stand. I'll have to keep her on the lead at all times near the canal or the trent in town. No fear and loves swimming.

Forgot to add: Spladoosh!

Ive never had a greyhound that likes water like this? Quite happy swimming around or diving in and out after the ball or simply teasing the other greyhounds who paddle but don't really want to swim.

Mad dog....
Ellies brother has not found a home in 12 months. So we are giving him some time. The greyhound stare in this photo is not typical. It was a blackbird...

He's a scared doggie. With the other 2 he is fine. Day 1. See how we go!

We still have the big furry lump. We lost our 18 year old collie cross and the missus wants to keep him. He's very loving and obedient, but needs close control out and about. Mainly scared and will snap if he thinks he's in danger.

This is now nearly gone after 5 months. Both cats now understand he can't be teased and he's simply asserted himself rather than seeing them as prey. Stupid daft lab came bounding up at speed head-on tonight and he opened his mouth, but shut it when I corrected him. No lip curling or snarling, the auto reaction was to snap teeth if scared.

I think another few months and he will get-it in all situations. He's come a very long way and is almost a normal doggie now. Does not know how to run. He's always been trapped in and is like a new-born giraffe off the lead. Once he's got his scaredness tamed, he'll get more free time and will learn to run like Ellie has. Ears, eyes, breathing, head-height and legs all synchronised. Rocket - dog!
Did I mention he eats like a lion. Yoikes Scoob!. Food......Nom Nom nom!
Clyde still with us. He's a big soft silly, waggly tailed thing now. That is despite Ellie winding him up at every opportunity. He had a coming-together with something (Not found it yet) so see "need for speed" thread.

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