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Mo Chara Mating


Maid Your Point
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Sup Rch / Sup Nch / Ch Ch's Maid Your Point (Gillette x Taylor Maid) mated kennelmate Sup Rch / Ch Ch's / Sup NVch Mo Chara (Oscars Pride x Branca) yesterday.

Jude and Cara have done us proud winning pretty much every big event throughout their careers; 22 titles between them, a couple of veteran titles, all four adult Supremes, English & Scottish Derby's, Golden Jackets and Classics. We retired Cara at 5 1/2yrs old with a small tear in her gracilis and Jude is still racing at 6 1/2.

Fingers crossed pups will be due 25th January and if they make it to be just half as good as their parents we'll be made up.
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Pups should be A1 :thumbsup: :luck:
good luck should be goodu :luck: :thumbsup:
:luck: best of luck :luck: :luck: :luck: :luck: :luck: :thumbsup:
Remember seeing Chara running/ spinning around your front garden as a very young pup, couldn't believe how fast she was then (w00t) I new she would go on to do great things :D

Best of :luck: Vicky & Mark if we wanted a non ped we would be snatching your arm off :lol: I imagine you will have a list as long as your arm!
:thumbsup: nice mating good luck vicky mark :luck: :luck:
very interesting mating good luck vicky & mark :luck: :thumbsup:
What a mating, these will be racing about before they're out of the nest. People will be queueing down the street for one of these pups. Good luck Vicky and Mark, Jude and Cara :luck: :luck:
Good luck with this brilliant mating, need photos as she progresses. These pups will be lush :wub:

Lynn Mick Ashley and Chloe xxxxx
GOOD LUCK Mark and Vicky with this excellent mating, hope they bring you as much success as Jude and Cara, also good luck to the people lucky enough to own one of these superb pups ;)

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Two brilliant dogs - what a fab litter this will be good luck mark and vicky

guess what Sal wants for a 21st birthday present - lol

Think it goes without saying that Jude's current offspring made one hell of an impact at this years bend Champs, coupled to the little superstar Mo Chara, they should produce some fantastic offspring.

Best of luck with them all, Mark, Vicky, Cus and Jude. :luck:

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