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Mo Chara Mating

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Pippa is 17lb 7oz, she's only put 7oz on wormed her with a different wormer and it did'nt agree with her , stick to Milbemax next time
Weighed Ivie today she's 16lb 14 1/2 oz :wub:
Pippa's back to normal this week put 1lb 130z making her 19lb 4oz probably the burgers and sausage from Sunday then cleared all her dinner when she got home, then she crashed out lol
moet 161b 90z seems to spend more time finding new places to hide her food than actually eating it
Ivie is 19lb 9.5 oz :wub: She enjoyed her holiday in Fordingbridge, loved seeing her sister and brother.
Weighed Ivie yesterday and she is 20lb 13oz :wub:

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