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Muphys memoires

Mad Murphy

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Born on July 22 2016, he one of eight pups (5 girls 3 boys) from mum Beike and dad Zico.
Murphy was chosen first and was told 'you and I are going to have great adventures'.
He remembered those words and if he thinks the adventures are not coming fast enough he goes looking for them...

This is his first diary entry and just to get you all squishy, Ive included some puppy photos..But first heres mum and dad... Then Murphy at just one day old then 8 weeks and last of all at 5 months..
mumand dad.jpg
1day old.jpg
So to fill in between 5 months and the now nearly two years.

Murphy is loved, thats his job. To be loved and spoiled, its good therapy for mum and dad. He keeps everyone young and mobile.
He loves the water and he loves being at the woods or the common. He enjoys his food and visits from family but he isnt keen on strangers (human ones).
He must be the most photographed dog in the world but he doesnt mind and will strike a pose if asked nicely!
I need to start a diary for Dudley. His story is quite sad.

In the past our dogs have been rescues, terrible past lives, some of the scars going deeper than skin and never really healing (truama).
But this time we needed a dog who would grow into our family and not carry past fears and problems. There were people who said we shouldn't get another dog after Benny died and the reason for that is because my OH is sick. He has FTD which is a form of dementia that affects the frontal lobe (emotion and speach). The life expectancy of someone with FTD is between 3 and 8 years after diagnoses..We are 4 years in now...
People said it would be too much for us, too much for the dog, a burden , etc.. All rubbish.

In many respects Murphy is our therapy he gives our lives a purpose, helps OH keep a routine and makes him feel wanted and needed, encourages him to get out and keep mobile and of course if OH says the wrong word or forgets the name of something Murphy doesn't care.

So there you have it in the past we have rescued dogs, but this time its the dog (Murphy ) who is rescuing us.
You are so right. When my granddaughter asked us to take her six month old puppy permanently my husband was against it at 70 and 78 he thought we were too old.
He has become my therapy, I have lost weight, become fitter and made loads of new friends.
In January I had major heart surgery. I was determined to become fit again so I could walk Dudley.
I am now an ideal weight and fitter than I have been for years.
I adore my little dog. Even my husband loves him.
I truly believe they give back more than we can ever give them.
This morning Murphy was out enjoying the views but also feeling a little sad.. It seems the nice weather is bringing more humans to our special place and they are bringing rubbish that they leave behind.. Dont they realise the rubbish they leave behind kills the very wildlife they came to see?
That is a common problem with litter, I don’t know why people think it’s acceptable. I wrote to our council once about putting more bins in our parks and woodlands, the reply was it’s too expensive as someone would have to empty them.
I'm currently actively trying to reduce the amount of single use packaging in my life - it is really hard though. The big supermarkets could do a lot to help and this in turn would reduce the amount of litter. I remember the big treat at my grandmother's was a glass of "pop". Big bottles of Corona that were returned to the milkman to be washed and reused. We need to return to those days.
We get it even in our parks where bins are plentiful, though you would have to walk, sometimes a full 100ft maybe a tad more to get to one, so understandably it is an effort for some...o_O
But, as we all know dogs are amazing therapy and as much as we do for them they do for us tenfold. I used to work in a young persons neuro rehab unit years ago and would take my dog Danny in with me some days( before we really had therapy dogs in hospitals as such) and they loved it, some people were with us for up to 6months and having a dog come in sometimes was hugely beneficial to them on so many levels.
I cant understand, if theyve take the trouble to carry a full bottle or packet miles into the woods why is it such a problem to carry a much lighter empty one back out?

We are also becoming much more aware of how much rubbish we are producing we recycle but even so..
I make lots of things myself so empty jars are used again and again for jams chuntneys ect. OH makes his own beer so bottles only and they are used countless times over and over. We have stopped using fabric softener and use white vineger instead (amazing how fresh the clothes smell) We use pure soap for cleaning not those nasty cleaning fuid things and try to use natural products in the garden as well all of which means we are not buying bottles cans packaging and chemcials.

As regards dogs as therapy, they really are the best medicine. Im hoping to take Murphy and OH on a new walk tomorrow its 6km and through wetlands with lots of little bridges and pathways to keep the intrest levels high.
My choice of adventure for today really paid off..The sky was blue the sun was shining. Murphy was happy, OH was relaxed and happy, and we saw some lovely sights as well as being able to have our breakfast al fresco. OH wants to add this walk to our list of nice places! I agree and I think Murphy would too. It was about a 5km walk which is good for us at the moment.
Did you miss us? Weve been on holiday.. We rented a house on the edge of the forest and Murphy spent every day hiking in the woods or swimming in the lake spotting deer and rabbits getting surprised by a badger and avoiding some very large highland cows! The forest is part of the Drents-Friese Wold ( a 6000ha nature area).


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Todays walk gave us a shock. It was the same nature reserve weve been to before.The one with the dragonflies , they are so lovely and such great colours. This morning it was quiet the birds have all retreated to the breeding grounds where we are not allowed. But then as we rounded the last bend just befor the bridge that leads back to the car Murphy froze , he growled and he let out a yip....My heart skipped a beat as I saw what he had seen...

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