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My furry baby has a bite worse than his bark

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Two steps forward one step back is good progress! Like children, they'll have days when they're good and days when they're downright horrible.
Thanks, merlina - I hope it’s sooner rather than later!
That said, now he is getting bigger he can lunge over the gates and therefore get to us to resume the biting. Unfortunately the openings are big & we’ve not seen any higher ones on line that will fit. Not sure if buying around 3 and putting them next to each will be safe?

We do training with him in the evening but after about 5 mins he gets bored and starts biting.

We had to make our own - a commercial stairgate that would fit our spiral staircase ( wrought iron and round posts) doesn't exist. It's a piece of timber attached to the post with cable ties and a hinged piece of ply cut to size attached to the wood. We initially had a wire catch but Harri learned how to open that so it had to be upgraded. We now have a small bolt at the top which goes behind some of the decorate scrolls.


I'm sure you could come up with a similar plan to make a gate to fit :) Could you attach some ply to the existing ones?
Do you take him out to a field or a big park? He is a hunting dog and he needs to run around a lot and look for new smells. We had a vizsla long time ago and I remember they are hard work but you got to do the kind of exercise/activity that the dog requires. If you take him to a big open space and play fetch that might wear him out and won't do the biting.
Yes, he goes to a country park but had yet to be let off lead. Not sure we’d get him back at the moment!

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