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My mum's cute JRT Lady

Crazy Dog Man

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This is Lady, she is 14 years old.
She scoots her butt whenever she's happy or excited (we always check that there's no problems and there usually isn't), she grooms herself all the time like a cat, she's so domesticated that she doesn't hunt.
She's really a sweet, soppy doggie and she's become my best friend. I used to be obsessed with cats but now I want a dog of my own.
Hello @JRT_ftw - Lady sounds great but we can't see a picture of her?
I give you my consent to download a photo of Lady and attach it to this forum as my laptop isn't working properly.

Search "Ladylu Carter" on Facebook and it should have a profile of a black & tan coloured JRT in a pink blanket with "Merry Christmas" in bright blue written at the bottom of the profile photo. That should be her Fb account. There's several cute photos of her and I together and there should be plenty of her on her own in the "featured photos".

Oh no it's still not working :( Are you able to upload the picture instead of using a link?
I sometimes tease my mum by asking if I can have her, hehehe. She's such a cute dog. She even loves it when I sing "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window" by Patti Page, she'll interrupt me by licking my nose. :)

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