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New Mating - Maid u Luck x Lacey Lastic

Little Hubble update just under 25lb, starting to get little muscles and has finally 'cocked his leg' this week :b
Won't be long now before the gang are making their debut in summer, will Rocky be ready for the puppy champs Pauline?. Hattie went full distance on saturday and is trapping well, she's about 26lb at the mo & Hubble's the same, he's not gone out the traps yet though.
Think i have the names right - Rockabilly, Mo Carlin & Hubble Bubble - what have you decided on for your two Wendy?
Ive never liked puppy racing Vicky it worries me to death incase a pup in the race isnt ready. Rockys ready but I leave it up to Ken if he thinks he will be ok then thats fine with me, I just cant watch pups race lol
Wendy would you like to borrow Rockys Jr. trainer. Our Chloe lol she will keep Forest on the go.
your going to have to recored chloes voice to play at the finish line for rocky lol
Now the better weather is coming and Chloe is fully mobile Im hoping she will be there in person to call her Ocky on lol she still cant say her Rs

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