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New Mating - Maid u Luck x Lacey Lastic


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mated today maid u luck from gillette X taylormaid (litter brother to sup rch / ch ch's made your point & nch avit) to lacey lastic from cracked it X TH cee (litter mate to bud).

a huge thank you go's out to vicky for letting us use ziggy it was love at first sight :wub: :wub: i'm going to go to bed tonight knackerd as me and vicky did so much foreplay tonight :- " (w00t) :D


p.s. mark we are going to change tiny's name to da vid (the only gay in the gin pit vill age :D :D :D :D )
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:lol: Mark is ashamed and has disowned Tiny :b

Ziggy on the other hand is chilling out in his bed with a cigar :lol:

:luck: :luck: :luck: to you three :luck:
NO WAY!!! (w00t)

Only just read Wendy's email about her dilemma and was wondering if someone could help out! Go Zigster!!! (w00t)

Oo I'm quite chuffed! :cheers: Best of luck!! :luck:
:luck: best of with mating hope you get lots of pup's :luck: :luck:
one bitch pup will do us fine just keeping all my bits and digits crossed (a bit like tiny :- " :D ) mark wendy says she has a spare pink pvc coat for tiny .

i dont know which was more worrying the fact that he did not want to do it with lacey or that he wanted to do it to me :- " :D

lacey is out cold she remembered how to bend her legs she sat upright all the way home she came in strutting her stuff shaking her ass saying "ah is a woman now "

vicky will this make you a great grand ma tell you what you are looking good for it :D

(w00t) Oh Tiny

Good Luck Lacey you little sl*t :luck: and Ziggy :luck:

Good Luck with your mating- keep that Gillette line going Vicky :luck: :luck:
good luck with the litter to be :luck: :luck:
Good luck Wendy and Tony hope it all goes well :luck:

I know for a fact Wendy will want to keep them all :- "
flippin heck look @ all the champs in there
sherry said:
flippin heck look @ all the champs in there
the data base is not up to date on the trial pedigree there are no tittles added to gillette cracked it or TH cee both dogs come from very good lines ziggy is still only young and lacey could not race due to a injury there is only a few on the whole trail pedigree without tittles plus both ziggy and lacey are very very good looking :D

dee she wont want to keep all the pups just all the bitches :lol: :lol: :lol:

:luck: gd luck with this mating but y use maid u look when he has not done nothing yet.

yet and u have maid yer point that has done so much and proved so much

:luck: :luck:

p.s (just a question not no dig at any means :thumbsup: )

pockett :thumbsup:
AndrewPocket said:
:luck: gd luck with this mating but y use maid u look when he has not done nothing yet.yet and u have maid yer point that has done so much and proved so much

:luck:   :luck:

p.s (just a question not no dig at any means :thumbsup: )

pockett :thumbsup:

No offence taken :thumbsup:

Don't see how Jude has to be used to get that line and i don't feel ready for him to line bitches yet. Last time Zig ran against Jude on the bends he was 2yd down on him off levels given he's had 1/4 of the experience it hardly makes him a mug in my eyes.
If you see lacey and ziggy togethere they complement each other and the main reson for having ziggy is lacey fanced him. We are very lucky that vicky let use use ziggy as hes so young I think they will have some brill pups but I am biast lol Well i wated for a bitch pup from ziggy litter and there was non so the only way I can get a pup from ellas line is this way lol.lets see if we have any curly tails

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