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clare Bow said:

ahhhhh is that black one Kileacle Reni? if so thats my little blue bitch's mummy :huggles: i think she was from the litter the year before sept 06. Really nice to see a pic of her :)) Clare.

yes clare it is killeacle reni she has now settled down as a famiy pet with andy and june. :thumbsup:
OK.As promised Graham.She's still only a pup in my eyes,so she still looks like one,with a load of puppy fat to burn into muscle,as from now.She stands 24n3/4 which is ideal,and although a bit short looking in the photo,i can assure you she aint short.Just fat.Will be taking her down to Derry track with Dannyboy next week,for her ist handslip on sand.All she's done till now,is have 3 runs up the field at the lure.One of which was a puppy race.She showed me that day,that she just wasn't ready.So far,ive got her to training age,which is a bonus.Next step will be interesting.She has a back end on her like sprinter should have,so its time to start tuning the engine,and hope that it fires on all cylinders.Here is she.




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