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at last sup vet and nch monahan rch spellbound x rch cheeky madam has been mated to rch wor john. lets hope we have soon good pups soon. we will let you know.
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good luck cant go wrong with john :luck: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Good luck Keeley and Tam, lets hope every thing goes well, and interesting breeding as she was the only bitch in this litter,and yes i will baby sit when the time comes :luck: :)
:thumbsup: 5 pups born yesterday they are lovely some pic's the 2 boy's
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Congratulations - more pic's & the sexes please Yvonne :lol: :thumbsup:
Mum and pups all doing well, Sasha's a natural, really taken well to motherhood. She's had 3 bitches & 2 dogs.
Big thank you to Shelley and Yvonne for looking after Sasha for the past couple of days, whilst i was a nervous wreck!!
excellent breeding there love the look of the blac one with the white bit :wub:
how anyone will pick a pup i don't no :wub: :wub: :huggles: :huggles:
will take some with my camera on thursday, shelly sent me the pic's by e-mail and its been terrible to re-size them (w00t) lol
good luck tam n kee sure ull be fine at the moment its wen they start running around lol then ull be asking for help lol :D they all look lovely, its guna be hard to pik :wub: :wub:
Pups look :wub: :wub: :wub: I love the black one with the white collar. :luck: :luck: with them.

well done sasha great looking pups. hope we get some champs from them. :thumbsup:
Your Wellcome Tam and Keeley it was a long day for all of us and a big Thankyou to Yvonne who has run backwards and forwards for all of us and helped me walk your other dogs, just glad you 2 are of for a couple of days now so i can have a rest lol. :D They are all lovely pups you will struggle to pick one :)

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