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Rch Cracked it, mated my daughter's Greyhound bitch today pup's due 30th Aug :thumbsup:
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Well done - What's the greyhound Yvonne?
hi vicky the greyhound racing name is woolden dot :thumbsup:
Welll done Yvonne you finally goy her lined, i must say what a lovely bitch :)
Heres some pictures of the greyhound.


good luck, she looks very racey.sure to be some gooduns out of cracked it. well done zak
Thanks, She's well bred too. Out of Honcho classic and droopys theresa.
anyone interested in a pup can p.m me or orvil ( and not the green duck ) lol
Looks like we're gonna see more spotty dogs at whippets :thumbsup: Good :luck: with the mating Jo :D
Its a good job you didn't use prince lol, there would have more white spots :)
yep she has unusual markings - reverse dalmation! :blink:
so red fawn dog and black with white spot's bitch, what colour will the pup's be (w00t) lol :thumbsup:
bitch is out of blue dog and parti coloured should be some intresting colours...

can we have a pic of zac.
bet theres a few red fawn zac seems to throgh his colour.

our roddy is the pot model his dad zak :thumbsup:

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