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new-to-me book: "Decoding Your Dog", 2014, from the Assoc of Vet Behaviorists

Discussion in 'Dog Behaviour and Training' started by leashedForLife, May 24, 2018.

  1. leashedForLife

    leashedForLife Well-Known Member Registered

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    I received an e-mail from Tufts Univ / "Ur Dog", a newsletter i subscribe to, touting this book, but having not heard of it, i went hunting for more info. [Also, Tufts sells it for $15.95-USA, & i'm pretty sure that's awfully expensive.]

    I found a wonderful review from the ever-helpful Trish McConnell - plus comments below from trainers & dog-owners who'd bought & read it.

    Decoding Your Dog: A Book Review

    It sounds as if it's very good for novice owners or anyone with a tendency to think Dumbinance is the source of all "bad" behavior, but it's very unfortunate that the reader is brow-beaten in an attempt to convince them that ONLY vet-behaviorists can help them with any problem behaviors. :rolleyes:
    I'm the 1st to recommend that an owner consult a Board-certified DVM-behaviorist when there are serious issues that an experienced trainer or a CAAB cannot conceivably handle, especially those that often require Rx-meds & careful supervision, in addition to B-Mod - but heck, U don't need a vet-behaviorist for a garden-variety nuisance barker, resource guarder, or every submissive-urination case! - that's just daft.

    Also, there ARE vet-behaviorists who do things i find highly questionable, altho thankfully they are very very few - but there are also very few vet-behaviorists, total, in the entire USA - i think it's something around 60, & it's very worrying to think that out of those few persons, some are still stuck on punishment, 'dominance' as the answer to Everything, & aversive tools. :(
    Of all ppl, i expect a diplomate of the AVBC to know better, *and* to do better, both.

    I don't think vet-behaviorists are "super-heroes", as they are characterized in the book, nor do i think that "only vets should deal with behavior problems". // There's been a move afoot to pass legislation that would ban anyone not a DVM from working with problem dogs [or cats, horses, parrots...], & i think that's ludicrous.
    The average GP-vet never takes a behavior course, & their only knowledge of species-normal behavior & body language is what they pick up along the way, like jackdaws - any shiny thing, valuable or trash, truth or fiction.

    I am glad to hear that the book stresses the falsehood of 'dominance' & explains many times that aggressive behavior or resistance are due to fear, not "trying to take charge".
    I don't know if i'll buy it for myself, but i might buy it to share with clients - however, if i do, i'll add marginal notes. :D Nope, not kidding.

    - terry

  2. Violet Turner

    Violet Turner Well-Known Member Registered

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    May have to purchase this item :)

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