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They are lovely. What a handsome pair. Are they companions?

yes both ours,,Luca (Borzoi) 9 months And Finn (Whippet) 21 months old.Both get on great with each other.
A handsome pair indeed! Are they both intently watching something on the tv in that pic ??!:D

No Lol,,they heard my car pull in the drive (obviously I didn’t take the pic lol) and were waiting for me to come into the room.
November 2021 Luca
Absolutely love their faces!:D
New addition to the family COBY 10 week old Greyhound Had him from a greyhound rescue centre (not the best of photos.)
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He’s beautiful. Lucky you, best of luck - hope it all goes well, and how have the others taken to him?
He’s beautiful. Lucky you, best of luck - hope it all goes well, and how have the others taken to him?

the borzoi (Luca) Doesn’t seem to care and the whippet (Finn)Has been playing with him,,so far,so good.
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Coby has been in the wars,,,Wednesday took him to the vets,hurt his back right leg while running around the garden,,Thursday took him to the other vets practice for X-ray as they are having work done on their premises.Friday booked in at vets hospital for surgery on his leg knocked a small bone out of place,needs to be pinned back into place,,kept him there over night,,this morning picked him up from hospital,back leg shaved and stitches,Buster collar on him but not the plastic one,this one made out of fabric so more movement for him,but can’t get at his leg to pull the stitches.
Took collar off him to go out to toilet

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