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Coby has been in the wars,,,Wednesday took him to the vets,hurt his back right leg while running around the garden,,Thursday took him to the other vets practice for X-ray as they are having work done on their premises.Friday booked in at vets hospital for surgery on his leg knocked a small bone out of place,needs to be pinned back into place,,kept him there over night,,this morning picked him up from hospital,back leg shaved and stitches,Buster collar on him but not the plastic one,this one made out of fabric so more movement for him,but can’t get at his leg to pull the stitches.
Took collar off him to go out to toilet
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The poor mite. An anxious time but they have an amazing resilience. Am sure his recovery will go well.
Coby with the collar on


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Oh no, sorry to hear this. I hope he recovers very quickly.
Poor thing! Wishing him a speedy recovery too
Ohhh sighthounds! Don't they put us through it!

Here's to a swift recovery.
Ohhh sighthounds! Don't they put us through it!

Here's to a swift recovery.
Indeed they do, Hemlock. One of our previous whippets (a foundling of 6 months) tore a planter ligament when we were on holiday - successfully repaired by an amazing veterinary surgeon in Risca. I’m just amazed that Poppy didn’t squeal when it happened. Last week I managed to gently remove another raised corn from Mabel’s front paw - just in the previous procedure she didn’t make a sound, just licked her lips. And this time she WAS speaking to me afterwards! They’re amazing.
Coby is doing well took him back to the vets yesterday for a check up on his leg,,vet was happy things are going well,another week and stitches out.
X ray of the small bone they had to pin back into place,,Didn't want add a pic of his actual leg with stitches in.
Glad to hear he's doing well:)
Coby had his stitches out on Thusday,,back on the 23rd September for another x-ray to see if the pin and bone are still in place...his injury has not stopped him trying to be bossy with the other two.
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Well all good with coby and his leg,,had a final X-ray a few weeks ago and it’s all good
Christmas present’s bought already ,,I tried to buy 2 last year (before we had Coby) but they were all sold out,,so got in early this year
they do a few different ones.A big thanks to Faye and Kate at Direct 4 pets.
Re presents be on your guard re sausages on a string (toys) from Pets at Home. They're a choking liability. Have a look at the related comments on their website.
I know these bears are good as I have already got a few but not Christmas ones

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