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On the Blog: An Interview with Armstrong's Twisted Fish

Aurora Pets

Aurora Pets Aurora Pets
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Welcome to our interview with Armstrong’s Twisted Fish. Today we are chatting to Petra and Carole the makers of the fish treats that dogs go crazy for.

We love these nutritious, handcrafted fish treats because they are fun as well as good for your dog’s health. We are always sure to pack a box of these delicious treats for our dogs when we are out on a beach walk so they can enjoy the taste of the ocean while they are enjoying the fresh sea air – who doesn’t enjoy fish and chips on the beach - well minus the chips for our doggies as these treats are all they need!

We all like to know what we are feeding our dogs and the health benefits their treats have to offer, so please read and enjoy getting to know the team and the benefits of these delectable treats for your dog.

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