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On The Blog: How Dogs Communicate

Discussion in 'General Dog Forum' started by Aurora Pets, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. Aurora Pets

    Aurora Pets Member Registered

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    For Humans, communication with each other comes easy and dogs have their own way of communicating and listening to each other too. For us to understand what they are saying we need to decipher their mostly non-verbal cues and body language. Just like us dogs feel emotions and they convey this through body language. To get an understanding of what they are saying we need to look at the dog as a whole. For example, a dog with a wagging tail does not necessarily mean they are happy.

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  3. JudyN

    JudyN Well-Known Member Registered

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    I wish more people realised that. The number of times my dog has challengingly eyed up a young upstart male lab with his tail held high and the lab's owner assumes he's friendly because he's wagging it...

    Then there's the propeller wag, where he's seem a human who he really likes (or who always gives him treats, which comes to pretty much the same thing).
  4. Mad Murphy

    Mad Murphy Well-Known Member Registered

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    Similarly barking is not always aggressive, Murphy is nervous and George just wants attention.

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