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One swollen teat?


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My dog Mabel is a rescue dog. Before we got her, they said they were monitoring her mammary glands since when she was spayed they started to swell a bit. After a few weeks, she was all clear and they told us not to worry as it is common for spayed dogs to show lumps and bumps afterwards, but they did disappear completely.

2 days ago I noticed her top right teat had swollen and looked like it was about to burst. It seemed to have happened overnight, as we give her countless belly rubs and have never noticed it before. On closer inspection, it has started to leak pus, like a spot does. We are going to take her to the vets, but since it is Easter we have to wait until they open again. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be before we go to the vets? She is still acting like her normal self, and doesn’t wince or move away when we touch it.

Well could be an abscess - in which case get her some treatment asap because in the worst case it can lead to blood poisoning. No one can diagnose her apart from a vet- and of course prescribe the drugs she may need.

Teats are open at the tip, & that duct can get bacteria, plain old dirt, or various micro- or macro- debris in it, or be traumatized - hooked by a twig or stabbed by a thorn while crashing thru shrubbery or brambles, snagged by a hind claw when the dog scratches an itch, etc.

Please update us on the vet’s conclusion? - i suspect it’s either mastitis [bacterial infection in one or more mammary glands] or if the swelling is secondary to trauma, an abscess.
Best wishes for a simple Dx & speedy recovery, :)
- terry


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