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Oscar's Pride X Connor's Dream

Fleesh's Mum

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Jessi was mated to Oscar just before Scotland, she's coming up 5 weeks now and things are looking promising (or Mum has been SERIOUSLY overfeeding her whilst I've been away :teehee: )

Pedigree here: RCh/NCh Oscars Pride x r-up NCh/ r-up RBCh Connors Dream

All being well pups due mid September :wub:

Jessi has waited for a litter of her own, having practised several times with pack puppies.

With Eddie:

With Trudy/Laoise/Tippy:

With Harvey:
best of luck Elise and Judith,should get some champs there eh :thumbsup:
yup i think she looks like shes took. best of luck :luck:
Hope you get what you want ladies :luck: :luck:
im working on the wife for a play mate for eddie hope every thing goes well and you get your wee girl
16/17 days left for Jessica, she loves her grub but I think even a very hungry whippet couldn't look like she does now.
oh god yeah id say shes took lol really hope u get yr bitch this time everything crossed 4 u. best of luck :luck:
just weighed jessica she now weighs 24lbs so mum's guessing 3pups i'm guessing 4
A week to go, 25lb now.

How on earth Mum can still think 3 pups I just don't know :sweating:
Are you preparing for Strictly Come Dancing Carole ? SEVEEEEEEN !!!

Have told Jessica you said 7, she started to cry. :teehee:
if its only 3 pups they will all be scratch dogs like eddie :thumbsup:

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