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Pups are 8 months old next week.

Rosie has put on a whole 12oz :sweating: in the last 2 months weighing in this morning at 17lb dead. She runs all the way up the track from the traps and has had a few goes with granny Kerri. Loves to give the lure a little rag then come over and give me a rag too (I have the bruises to prove it (w00t) ).

Pippy has barely budged in weight, she's still hovering around the 16lb mark. Not as advanced as Rosie on the track but she does love to play with toys and will play fetch all day long :wub: .

Saw Rory up in Scotland, he's a gorgeous little 17lb dog (and still my favourite, don't tell the girls).

Will get the camera in action shortly and get some new photos up.
Belated birthday wishes to this bunch of Connor's babies :wub:

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