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Was this the pup debbie picked up at highgate ..i reckon 12lb

do hope you get some pics of him ..
At 15 weeks Bunty (Sceptre) weighed 9lb 7oz and made 15lb when she was an adult (and quite a fat adult at that) lol, but they all grow on at different rates so its hard to say, but one thing is i wouldn't think they will be anything other than lightweights :luck:
Hopefully get some pictures tonight of Red before he goes to his new home with his uncles Leo (Red Ranger x Connor's Lass ) and Riley ( North2South x Connor's Lass). He is a teeny tot, just 6lb 6oz at 15 and a half weeks, even Pip and Rosie tower above him :wub: .
Any guesses on what weight he'll end up :clown:
Red who is now called Ted , is very well settled in with the Connors boys and my other special needs collection of animal scoundrels . He may well be small, but he's very brave. He's already got my 60 lb Bull grey under his paw and giving up chews and balls in fear of his life. I believe he thinks he's being haunted by the reincarnation of rabbits he's persecuted. it's hilarious to watch . In the house he's being sensible to respect the devil cat . It's like he's always been here with us . When the technically minded teenagers return from college, I'll see if we've got the compatible equipment to get some photo's of him posted . His comedy ears went well down at the vets .......The cheek of it !!!!!
Can't wait to weigh the pups this Sunday at 18 weeks, they've really grown this past fortnight :sweating:
19 week weigh in
Rosie 13lb 4oz

Pip 13lb 8oz

one theory on racing weight is add 4lb on to wot they weigh @ 20 weeks so they shud both make lightweights. i think we need some new pics though
20 week tomorrow

No change in weight this week, I think they'd already been fed when they were weighed last week :wacko:

Pip 13lb 4oz

Rosie 13lb 8oz

Averaging ½lb per week.
Rosie damaged her tibia crest on Wednesday after falling over in the kitchen. We're hopeful she'll make a good recovery.

Both pups now weighing in over 14lb coming up to 21 weeks.
Poor Rosie. Hope she makes a full recovery. xxxxxxx
Rosie damaged her tibia crest on Wednesday after falling over in the kitchen. We're hopeful she'll make a good recovery.
Both pups now weighing in over 14lb coming up to 21 weeks.
Oh No !!! Poor pup. She's at the right age to make a good and supple recovery at least. I hope she's sensible enough to rest . Ted remains a perfect angel. he is growing enormous......... OK I'm exaggerating , but he's certainly putting on weight and size, he looks at least 8 weeks old now . He's enjoying the great outdoors at break neck speeds following his uncles and much happier, now he's on grass rather than snow . Fingers and paws crossed for a speedy recovery for Rosie .
Rosie is not quite sure what the term "rest" means. She gets about with a limp in the house and does outdoors on three legs because it's faster.
Pip and Rosie both weigh 15lb this morning. 21½ weeks.

Red Ted is trying his best to catch up, weighing in at a whole 13lb (HUUUUUUGE LOL)

Rory was 14lb 7oz last week, a bit bigger than his sisters so he's most likely just over 15lb now too.

I'd have some pictures but the camera lost an epic battle with a glass of red wine :(


Pip and Jessica

Rosie is feeling a lot better, she can walk well enough now, I'm hoping she'll be off her pain relief/anti inflam soon.
And Mummy Jessica getting back into the swing of things.




Look forward to seeing them tomorrow at Maltby :thumbsup:

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