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Whats happened to her ear?! :p IMG_2806.JPG
Clover got to meet my mum's dogs today, and of course Kay came with us and I took her for a walk to the field we always used when she was growing up. It was such nice weather today! My last day off was spent in hospital getting tree scraped off of my eyeball so today was a welcome break! :D
IMG_2814.JPG IMG_2815.JPG IMG_2817.JPG IMG_2818.JPG IMG_2816.JPG

Aw, @Kayak , that looks like a terrific day... I wish mine had been so blessed. :) I just finished mopping the floor, then i put the cushion-cover for the power-chair, Hoyer pad, a pair of slacks, & the draw-sheet in the washer, as my client's p**** retracted, leaving the external catheter & foam-wrap hanging in midair, & urine wet everything. :(

Thank God, his wife was out running errands - she refuses to believe he retracts, & thinks i'm doing something wrong. This time, i got a photo [with my client's permission] to show her how it happens, but frustratingly, i don't know WHY it happens.
Have some more fun for me, wouldja? :D
- terry


they're all sweet, but i LOVE the next-to-last -
that "Just about to bite this ball!..." look of sheer glee on her face, is a riot. :p What a cutie!

- terry

She's a feisty little mare, she's cute as anything now but I reckon she'll have a face only a mother can love when she's older :p

Took both the dogs for a drone filled walk this evening and photos like this happened...
Plenty more to come when I upload them to the computer
I'm a little in love with Clover :)

wow, Kay just lusts for that drone! :D
Clover looks so happy, she's exploring & engaging very boldly. :)

Thanks all. I may be biased but I do think she's a very cute puppy! Any bets on her final ears? Both up? Both down? I'm hoping for one of each ;)

She's got no fear at all! She's going to be a handful but hopefully Kay will teach her the basics of being the next-best dog (Kay'll always be the best :p)
It's been around 30 degrees here for the last week so the walks have been limited, but here is another image dump of the last few days. We took the dogs to mum's and Clover had a blast with Tansy. We took Kay and Clover to the lake on my last day off and Clover dove straight in! Kay's turning her into a water dog quickly.




















Note: I know sticks are dangerous, we reserve them for short games of tug usually.

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