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Confused and befuddled...
How do I post pictures where I don't get messages saying - file too big
There's a couple of ways - you can either resize them (I think max size is 600 x 400px, but may be wrong), or use an image hosting site and post from there - I use Flickr, which is free.

Not sure how to resize as I don't do it that way, but a quick google should tell you.
Confused and befuddled...
How do I post pictures where I don't get messages saying - file too big
I edit my photos by using standard 'paint' program that comes as standard with my puter. I 'click' a menu program for the photo...'edit' and it pops up in 'paint' app....then 'resize' changing the pixels to something like 1000 x 700 or smaller and they will download over here just fine. You might already have program in your computer (if that's what you are using).
I go to google and type in ‘free photo compressor’ and then just compress the photo I need to use
There are different websites online., for compressing large files. If you need to resize the dimensions you can do that on most computers in Paint or Preview programme. You can also search for "bulk image resizer" on google if you need to resize a bunch of images at once.
Just trying


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