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Poodle Thinks She Is A Whippet


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I got my little poodle pup when she was 8 weeks old . Since then she has seldom seen another poodle just whippets and my lurcher .

Now when she sees a poodle she is just not interested at all , but when she sees a whippet she is over the moon , I think it's really funny :D

This is her with her best friend Hula , my oldest whippet age 15 :D


awww maybe she should be called a whipoodle :wub:
Or a Poopet :D

It's so sweet that she thinks she's a whippet, bless :wub: :huggles:
Aw, what a sweet little face she has - I'm sure the whippets love cuddling in with her too :huggles:
:wub: what a lovely piccy, bless them both, your whippy looks great for 15 :thumbsup:
peppermint lady said:
:wub: what a lovely piccy, bless them both, your whippy looks great for 15 :thumbsup:
I was going to say just that Julie - Hula looks really well :D My Jenna will be 16 in February, but is looking very thin and frail now :(
What a sweety shes just like my first dog cindy she stared out as a black toy poodle but finished up a silver grey with age. she grew up with siameas cats and thought she was one ever tryed to clime like them.

we got her when I was 2 years old and she was my best frend and dyed when I was in hospital having my back op when I was 14 I was allways upset I never got to say by to her. she whent everywere with me and like yours didnt ahve the fancy cuts just a nice coat in the winter and a short trim in the summer that i did myself from being about 8 years old. we never had another poodle as we new there would never be anothe like here there such funny littel things
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Aw bless :D Isn't it funny how they seem to recognise their own kind. She obviously does think she's a whippet then :huggles:
lov[SIZE=21pt]ely poodle hula you don't see many silvers now adays,[/SIZE]

aw i think its sweet that she thinks she's a whippet,
Thank you , she is a miniature and although you get some in the toy size the miniatures are hard to get , I went to Scarborough to get her .

She definetely has no idea she is a poodle she has just been racing around with 2 German shorthaired pointers .

The other day she chased a fox :b
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[SIZE=14pt]my mother used to trim the silkcresta show poodles years ago and they had silvers in toys, minnatures and standards, the ones ive have seen lately are very wishy washy yours is more steel so she is going to be a nice calour when she gets older, very intelligent breed and why not run round with two pointers poodles have a great turn of speed when they want too[/SIZE]
Our ltittle toy poodle thinks the same he gets into bed with our whippet he loves her to bits. :D
I bet a poodle makes a lovely snuggle blanket to a whippet :- " :lol:
Bless.... :wub: What a lovely coat your poodle has.

I can understand why she thinks she's a whippet. :) My Stan (Mini Schnauzer) thinks he's a whippet too as he grew up with Fred Whippet. He hates other schnauzers (well all other dogs really), but whenever he sees a whippet he's quite affable (and Stan doesn't do affable normally :- " ....).

The only problem is that he thinks it's normal to snuggle under our quilt. He can't slink under it like Fred and ends up barging under there and totally dislodging everyone in the process. Two minutes later, peace and the quilt restored, he gets far too warm and jumps out again. :wacko:

He's a pain in the backside, but we love him really (most of the time).
She is so sweet, I love her little light coloured face. It will be funny if both my whippets start to think they are chihuahuas (w00t)
Do you think they would have to crawl on their tummies ? :blink:

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