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Emma Cooke

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Hi All

I just want to share my recent experience that is currently being dealt with by Animal Protection Services.

On Tuesday 4th August I purchased a beautiful little black labrador puppy from 77 Sutherland Grove TW11 8RN. My poor little puppy, (identified by the vet as a lab/collie mix) is now in intensive care in hospital. He was diagnosed with parvovirus three days after we got him home.

The strong suspicion is that his parents were stolen from this country, taken over to Europe or Ireland for breeding in horrific conditions and then the sick puppies shipped back over here for sale. PLEASE DO NOT BE AS NAIVE AS ME! I have learn one of the most valuable lessons in life.

Please be careful and weary about purchasing puppies in the Twickenham, Richmond, Kent areas. Puppy farmers are operating in this area!

Oh, I'm so sorry, Emma. I do hope your pup pulls through, and the so-called breeders get punished and prevented from doing this sort of thing again.

@JoanneF, good idea. I still need to organise some sort of stickies area, but my brain doesnt function in this heat!
Thank you so much @JudyN and @JoanneF

I am beyond devastated. The Village Vets in Hampstead are doing all they can but he's now contracted sepsis and they've told me his chances are less than 10%
I went this morning and said a prayer with him. He is the most adorable, loving and kind little fellow. Mungo just wanted to please and I'm just grateful to have met him and to have the opportunity to give him a chance. Some poor naive sellers like myself may not have had the means to do this and i can't even imagine what an awful situation that must put them in.

This investigation is being handled by Jacob Lloyd at Animal Protection Services and if anyone has any information regarding this horrendous crime in this area please contact him asap.

I just wish I hadn't;t been so bloody stupid. But I'm hoping I can learn from this lesson and do some good by aiding them in catching these criminals.
I'm sure the investigator will know his job, but as dogs are (sadly) treated the same as property in law, you may have a case against them for being sold 'faulty goods'. If that is something you need to pursue, Trevor Cooper at may be able to advise.
So sad to hear about your poor pup, really, really hope he pulls through... but also well done for reporting, hope the case gets to court. A heartbreaking experience for you when it should of been such an amazing one and don't beat yourself up about being naive, many many people are fooled by 'homes' selling pups.. Now it is about raising peoples awareness of what to look out for..and encouraging more people, like you, to report.
I'm sorry to say my dear little Mungo passed away in my arms this afternoon. He fought a very brave battle but this horrible virus was just too much for him. i have set up a just giving page for Animal Protection Services. Please see the link in my bio and share if you can.

There's also a petition regarding the importation of puppies to the UK. Please sign if you can.


I'm so sorry to hear this, Emma. Do you have a link for the petition, please?
Thank you @JudyN I am heartbroken. I only spent a week with him and yet he touched me so deeply.
I’m new to the website so I can’t post links yet but I’ve put a link to the petition in my profile. If you wouldn’t mind sharing the petition I’d really appreciate it.
I'm so sorry. The prognosis for Parvo is always poor, I truly hope you manage to make this little guy's sacrifice worthwhile by getting a result against the breeders.
Thank you @JoanneF I’m going to do everything I can. Please see the petition in my profile and share it. I’ve written to a Munira Wilson the MP for twickenham about this. There’s a lot in the news about this at the moment. I hope we can make a difference.
Signed but reading the governments response I do not hold out much hope that things will improve.

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