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Hi Brianca
So very sorry to read your comment. Can i ask why Jacob wanted you to pay 5000k to get your dog back. I am sure it was illegal. Did you contact a solicitor that specialises in doglaw.
I totally agree with u.He takes my dogs with not even a reason for it...the dogs are american bully breed and he never replied to my request to have them back as I didnt been involved in nothing after 2 months of trying why I dont have the right to see at least my dogs he is asking me 5000£ to have them back....he is doing business....and the worst part is that he have power to do it...non of the solicitors can's so sad that we are in 2021...and with all the paperwork in hand u have to buy your dogs from this Jacob....
How terrible on what authority did he have to take your dog? Not even the rspca have the authority to take away an owners dog without either the police or a vet present I do hope you get this resolved
I'm late to this, so apologies. Very sad to read this thread from the start. The takeaway from me is that a lot of people are just sh*t and don't deserve to inhabit the planet.

Has there been an update on the investigation?
So thieves take rhe trouble to remove & rechip stolen dogs, passport & rabies vax etc taken them to Ireland (as opposed to Northern Ireland), breed from them & then smuggle the puppies to UK to sell ? Really ? As an retired professional investigator I find this hard to believe, far less risky & far less costly to simply breed from stolen/ bought dogs & sell the puppies totally in the UK to unsuspecting buyers like yourself. Even legally puppy farmed dogs are sold from private addresses to hide their origins & backyard breeders also sell their pups this way.

As for the money grabbing RSPCA perhaps if the invested more of the £140,000,000+ annual income actually investigating the conditions in puppy farms than they do begging for even more money in TV adverts & employibg trained investigators instead ex military, they might actually stop some animal abuse.

I hope Mr Lloyd is more successful with this venture that he was with Cruelty Watch CIC. & Campaign for the abolitian of animal exploitation, neither company lasting more than a couple of years. He's been very busy for a 24 year old
The APS are currently under investigation along with their solicitors, for fraudulent practices. It’s all over google.
This will make National headline news when all is revealed. Has also got criminal record, hence name change. I hope those folks who were harassed and falsely prosecuted, as some were, go for compensation.
Sorry to hear about that little poor puppy.

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