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Puppy vaccinations


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Hi all,
My 10 week JRT had his vaccinations yesterday and he hasn't been the same since he's barley eating and drinking, he's just wanting to be in his bed (normally he's really playful biting everything) & he's had a couple of loose stools we took him back to the vets this morning and she said all his observations were all perfect and he perked up wanting a fuss but when we got home he returned back to being subdued just wanting his bed wanting nothing to do with us really anyone have any advice? I really do hope he perks up soon :(
Some dogs especially pups are very quiet after their vaccines. ...hopefully he should be back to normal just keep an eye on him ...and try not to worry :)
This is not uncommon at all. Most of my animals are like this after their vaccinations. He should perk up by tomorrow.

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