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Rch What Spot X Rch Cracked It

:) for the member's of k9 who don't know top stud dog 2004 Rch Cracked it, and top brood bitch 2005, Rch What spot, have been at it again for the pasted two night's, pups due 25th sep 05, my dog pup been ordered and the order book for the pup's been full for some weeks now, so lets hope you get lot's of pup's, good luck with her dean and deb, :luck: :thumbsup: :cheers:
this is what spot and bramble quest taking it easy after a hard day

had lots of call about pups, so hope she as lots, :thumbsup: :sweating: :sweating:
cant belive i am reading about another litter from the top stud dog it seems yvonne and tony really have cracked it well done
i don't do golden jacket anymore, so it will have to be Sup Rch :cheers:
well she looks in pup Dean + deb, are we taking bets on how many, i think 6,

3 dogs and 3 bitch's, :- " not bad for their age, :thumbsup: but then they are both in such good condition :cheers:
:) Don't think she will let us down Deb, good luck with her and pups :luck:

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