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Ronnie is always hungry

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Just because our dogs are saying they want more food, dose not mean that they should get it though.
As mentioned previously, our lot would eat all day, but they certainly would not get it.

I am sure Ronnie's diet is under good strict control. Let's see some more pictures of him @niamh123

PLEASE :rolleyes:

Agreed! Let us see the cute doggy!
I will post some pic's later on ,Ronnie is doing so well he is 18 weeks now and teething like mad he is even having trouble crunching on his bones.He now weighs 23 kg and is loving life I haven't been on for a few weeks as we have been to our caravan:)
A dog that’s always hungry.... sounds like a pretty normal dog! My dog can hear the fridge open from the other side of the house, when he’s in a deep sleep & be there in milliseconds! :eek:
When they are puppies at that stage they use a lot of energy for growing, so they are more hungry. I'd keep an eye on his body condition and adjust his food as necessary.
Others have mentioned about slow feeding or feeding fibre rich foods to bulk his diet, as this gives him bigger meals without adding energy rich foods. If you feel you have a good balance with his nutrition this could help. This will keep him occupied and to feel full for longer too which sounds like it could be good for Ronnie at the moment. Let me know if you want a hand with any of this!

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