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Ronnie is always hungry


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Ronnie will be 13 weeks old on Saturday he is growing really well and gaining about 1.3kg a week he has grown just over 5 inches in height since we brought him home.when we brought him home he weighed 6.2kg as of yesterday he weighed 11.1kg:)
He is having 9% of his bodyweight per day I tried 8% but he was starving,he has a variety of proteins and RMB plus he has Acana grain free for training treats.I have had to buy him a slow feeder bowl as apart from his RMB's he was eating his food in seconds,his poo's are great and he was wormed with Panacur at the start of last week:) the problem is that he is constantly hungry if we open the fridge door he gets in a frenzy
Any advice would be greatly appreciated:)
What about raw carrot to give him some bulk without many calories?
If his body condition is good and he has a healthy appetite, (even wanting more:eek:) this is healthy. He obviously likes what you are feeding him:rolleyes:. You know what his body should look like, don't panic and don't give in to his pleading for more. Of course don't forget, you can always top up with a few sensible vegetables :oops: Enjoy.

He has raw carrots,Broccoli etc but he is still always hungry:)
I know you’ve had a curly coated retriever before, so I am guessing the ‘food obsession’ / ‘permanently acting as if they are starving’ isn’t just a breed trait as in FCR and a lot of labs?
You could also try to slow the eating down to give his brain time to register that there is something in his tummy after all. Maybe by giving his share of the meals in bit and pieces rather than in one lot that is hoovered down in instant would give little more food satisfaction? Do you give any raw soft bones at all?
It might be that this will get better when he realises that there are 'food times' and times when food isn't going to happen. A dog might appear to be - and think that he is - half-starved and ravenous when he thinks there's a chance of food, but then can switch of from feeling desperate for food when it's not 'food time'.
No CCR have I had in my life has ever been like Ronnie where food is concerned:)
Yes he has bones he gets breast of lamb,chicken wings ,neck's and chicken backs he also has duck necks and pork ribs:)
I hope he does start to realise he gets fed on a regular basis and his meal isn't going to be his last:)
The slow feeder bowl has helped it now takes him around 4-5mins to eat his food instead of 30 seconds:)
How about using a kong? Could even freeze it so it takes longer for him to get it out?
Might make him feel he’s eating more of it takes longer
He is always hungry - but aren’t they all? :)
I think the problem might be that he goes crazy when the refrigerator door is open, which is a training issue, not a matter of food amount. If he looks fine and has energy - you are feeding him enough.
With that, the training task is just to develop a different reaction to opening the refrigerator.....
Always being hungry is a breed trait of labs however they are also very keen on active games and sports which should counteract the overeating. There are certain foods out there, however, which work to counteract weight issues if you feel like this may become a problem. Ronnie will then be getting his food and you don't have to worry about him putting too much weight on. You can check out Barking heads 'fat dog slim' worked a treat for my sisters Rottie. She picked it up at Jurassic Bark online.
I understand that some Labs, and some Flat Coats carry a gene mutation that makes them a lot more food obsessed than the average dog. And of course the average dog would eat more than it should.
I feed puppies to appetite. They are growing very fast at that age, and need more food than an adult. Unless he is grossly fat - and it sounds as if he is a healthy size - he may well be genuinely hungry.

The fridge door is a training issue as Ari says, not a hunger signal. Work on him having 3 or 4 meals a day but none of them signalled by the fridge door opening. Even a ten minute gap should be sufficient for him to stop hoping he is going to be fed each time BUT be prepared for this to take time.
It is perfectly healthy for our dogs to always be looking for the next feed.
Our lot would eat all day long if given the chance.
If your dog is young then it is perfectly normal. Also if the dog is very energetic and hyperactive then they will use a lot of energy and will need a lot of food to help them get more energy. A big appetite can also be associated with content and happiness so it could be a sign that your dog feels very at home and is happy living with you. As soon as my parents brought Rocco home, he wouldn't stop eating and has gained weight.

If the eating habits persist after a year when the dog reaches adulthood and no longer grows then maybe try taking the dog to get checked out at the vets. Usually a big appetite for a young dog is normally always a good sign.
Just because our dogs are saying they want more food, dose not mean that they should get it though.
As mentioned previously, our lot would eat all day, but they certainly would not get it.

I am sure Ronnie's diet is under good strict control. Let's see some more pictures of him @niamh123

PLEASE :rolleyes:

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