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Rue Poorly Whippet

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I know I'm new here but I have loads of experience of feeding dogs as an Animal Nutritionist and would like to offer my help with this dog. So as not to be advertising my business I wont mention the company I run. I don't want to offend anyone but a couple of things spring to mind. This is a DOG, it derives from a tame wolf, it is not a hairy human and needs a totally different set of requirements, Minerals and Vitamins. Dogs do not digest Lactose in any amount so this will be giving your dog an upset intestine, thus flushing out any good bacteria that has tried to get established, Dogs do not digest Pork how many dog foods are there on the market labeled with pork, bacon, gammon etc. they simply do not produce the correct enzymes, so once again this wil be upseting the digestion.

I would suggest you get a good Quality Dried Food with no wheat or cereal products, no by- products, no nasty chemicals or colours, and yes there are a few out there, also one with very high grade and quantities of Mins. & Vits. Firstly I would grind this in a food processor mix it with some Yogart and a little Lactol or PUPPY milk (looks like soaked weetabix) and feed by hand as if you were whining puppies. do this a little on often and hopefully if all goes well and there is no clinical reason for your dogs illness then things should start to improve. If you care to contact me off the forum I will give you as much help as I can

Poor Rue, it must be so heartbreaking when you are trying your very best with not so good results. I hope he feels much better soon.

Lots of love and kisses sent his way :huggles:

Good luck hope he is feeling better really soon :luck: :luck:

:huggles: :huggles: Rue :huggles: :huggles:
I don't have any advice for Rues problems, but I wanted to say how much I admire you for all the caring and compassion you have. It must be hard when he takes a knockback after being well for some months. Hope he continues to make good progress.

Get better soon Rue. :huggles:

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