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Scotlands Only* Lure Coursing!


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Just wanted to say a Huge thank you to Historic scotland, for letting us hosting the event!! :thumbsup:

weather was gorgeous, all be it a tiny bit to hot :sweating: well done the newbies, whos dogs ran amazing, thanks to all involved and a massive well done to all the dogs taking part! and the winners! :cheers:
It was a fantastic day with some great runs.

Well done to the Smokster for his superb run. Just shows that he can do it when he wants to :teehee:

Many thanks to you for the expert handling of the luremachine all day. You are a star :thumbsup:
Many thanks to all who put on such a super day, and even organised great weather! Well done to all who won prizes, they all ran so well.
Yes, a very hot :sweating: but great day!

Well done to all those placed especially lovely David from the Winterfell gang for winning the main stake. Brother Austin says that he'll be ready for you next year when his paw is better! :clown:

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