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Shar Pei has Very itchy Skin, Please Help


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Hi if anybody can help me please do...I am desperate for ANY advice or answers.

My 6 month old Shar-Pei pup has very very sore ad itchy skin, she is CONSTANTLY scratching and biting her skin. I just dont know what to do anymore, i hav tried so many things and nothing works. We have changed her food to Burns Sensitive + which is hypoallergenic, maleseb shampoo, dry skin tablets, steroid injections, omega 3 oil in her food, vets have no answers and are no help at all. She scratches so much that her skin pours with blood and all her fur comes out, she naws and bites her legs front and back and nothing seems so soothe her at all. Im so desperate for help as i jus dont know what to do anymore. She wears a Comfey Cone collar ( like a buster collar but soft) at night because she does it in her sleep and she has to wear it when we leave her alone as its like a blood bath when we return. We have tried literally everything. if anyone knows anything please help me as i am one desperate mummy now..

Thank you,

Love Lou and Myla (woof woof) :p

Thats awful for both you and your dog, is it sore in the folds?

If you are insured, I would insist on a referral to a vet university hospital, you may have to travel but if your vets cannot treat her appropriately, its time for something more?
hi there. I would change vets firstly or seek a second opinion. Skin trouble is common with Sharpei's i think, all their wrinkly bits cause some trouble, it could be she has a secondary bacterial or yeast infection, because of the broken skin.

I would always try Aloe Vera, as in the 100 per cent pure gel form, from a health food shop. It is very good for skin trouble and forms a sort of skin over the top of very dry bits. Perhaps pick one area, like a leg and apply it for a couple of days to see if it gives her any relief. It is pretty safe stuff and unlikely to make things worse. I use it on me, and the dog, it cured my friends dandruffy poodle completley.

Good luck! She's very cute, x
Yea she is insured. i live on the isle of wight, england do you know where there would be a vet university hospital nearby?? no its not in her folds, its in just in random places, its like her skin is so itchy that she scratches everywhere as soon as she can and anywhere she can reach. just feel so sorry for her must be awful for her. her skin is really dry that it jus flakes off. tried loads of different shampoos for dry skin too but nothing works. :( thank you for your reply, posted on loads of site and you are the only person to reply :D xx

thank you hanneroon, what kind of aloe vera, like a cream or something? we have tried aloe vera shampoo... didnt work. its like her cure hasnt been invented yet.... im not guna stop till shes cured, even if i have to invent something myself x

also, where i live on the isle of wight, all the vets are the same company so cant change, its so frustrating! x
I used to live on the isle of wight - which vets are you using?

I used to use Tim from medina and he was great!

I am wondering if all the shampooing is making it worse?
we are using green and forester. they are all over the island in differnt towns and the vets move from place to place so alwats use a different vet. one vet i there even said to us that we shouldnt ever of got a shar pei coz of all their problems and they were gods worst creation? we replied if we didnt have her someone else would!! was not happy!! we were told to shampoo her twice a week? it calms down for a day after shampooing but then goes back to normal.

where is Tim in medina whats vets? x

ive just found tim on google, going to give them a ring x
booked in with tim next friday :) thanks for your help. xx
I will comment on this thread in more detail later if I get chance. I have been backwards and forwards with my Oreo who has suffered with itchy skin, in particular in her legs and feet.
hiya, yes its just a gel, to use like a skin cream. But its totally pure stuff. Should be about 4quid for a tube. I slap it on fairly thickly and wait for it to sink in, then maybe shove a bit more on later...

I get really bad excema sometimes, made worse by harsh soaps etc. Please be aware that these things will take time to heal, and many remedies or changes you make to her diet will take weeks to have an effect. I would take care to use the mildest possible thing to bathe her in.. And try just one thing at a time so you can judge if its having an effect.
thank you for your help, have u heard of eurax cream? someone recommended that? x
hi, yep, i've used eurax cream, i call it earwax cream! :) it does stop itching.... But...

i would only use it on unbroken skin, i would want to know the cause first, in case any chemicals in the cream make things worse, and i'd worry bout her licking it off...
I'm not a shar pei specialist, but have you tried antihistamines? You can use most human antihistamines for dogs, and they're really cheap to buy. Chlorphenamine/chlorpheniramine (brand name Piriton- not Piriteze) has a very long history of being used safely in dogs.

The good thing about antihistamines is that they should make her a little more comfortable while you and your vet do some more investigations to identify the cause of her problems, whether that's secondary infections or chemical sensitivities.

I hope that she's a bit less sore and itchy soon :)
i wont try that eurax cream then just in-case it makes her worse. And eingana no i haven't tried antihistamines as i wasn't sure i could use them on dogs, will try them tho i think thank you xx
good call Eingana, i would have thought the vet would have done that before steroids! Makes me so mad...
I can recommend a veterinary dermatologist but she is based in Winchester. Has your dog's breeder been able to help?

I have just checked her website and she visits the Isle of Wight.

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thank you quinessence, do you have a number for her? and no the breeder hasnt really been able to help because none of the other pups have had any kind of skin problems... just out little myla :( x
I've quickly logged on to tell you things I have tried.

Antihistamines can be really good but didn't work with Oreo. She was on four a day from the vet and still no effect.

We have used melasab (spelling) medicated shampoo. It really is good for itchy skim but requires leaving it on a few minutes before rinsing. Downside is it is prescription only so maybe ask your vet?

We didtry thornit but I don't think it'll work in this case as its more for feet and ears.

Do a search on Facebook for the natural medicine man. He does hair sample tests for both humans and dogs and can tell you what things you or your dog maybe allergic to. It's thirty pound all done by post. I've heard great things about him and I am awaiting Oreos results back.
I do some volunteering for a rescue in wales ( although i live in Birmingham) they have a large number of dogs from local puppy farms who have lived in the worse conditions and who often come in to rescue looking awful , skin conditions , general health issues, not socialised etc they have had amazing results on the worse skin conditions on breeds such as Westies ( prone to skin problems) and shar- pei dogs, i have also used the product on my own dog who has occasional flare ups on her tummy of sore red itchy areas which she gnaws at, the company is called Aromese this is the web site, the before and after photo's are dogs who have been through Many Tears rescue. You can see how good it is and may be worth a try unless you have since found something which helps.
Just wanting to ask how you got on?
I have a three month old puppy who is chewing at his legs, particularly his back legs and making large red sore patches. We are trying to work out what might be causing it and I wondered if anyone had got to the bottom of their dogs issues? He’s a Sealyham terrier but I don’t think they are prone to skin issues necessarily so I’m wondering if he is allergic to anything.

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