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Shar Pei has Very itchy Skin, Please Help

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White dogs can suffer with itchy skin ..i have a white jack russell who used to suffer ...what are you feeding your pup
We moved him from the food he had from the breeder which was Purina pro plan to Akku salmon. The itching seemed to calm down a tad but has now flared up to the point of this chewed leg really raw and sore. I had heard about white dogs having trickier skin. Just hard to know what it might be!
Tom is on a raw diet no chicken and only has flare ups in the summer ...Then he has piriton. ..
I would get a vet check as he is so young. ..;)
Thanks! I’m taking him on to a fish only diet and then will slowly introduce other things to see if it flares it up.
Having said that he is currently chewing on a pizzle stick but we will start tomorrow. We’ve got an appointment at the vets too so will definitely ask them about it then! Thanks for the help!
Could it be the pizzle stick .....

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