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Skinny Molly

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Hiya, I dont think she looks too bad at all. I do think when we start to worry is when it gets worse. As youngsters if my whips do not clean the bowl and ask for more then i reduce the offering in the next meal to a lot less than i want them to eat, then gradually build it up again. I found the temptation to feed more of something they will eat just overfaces them and they refuse it. Feed less than you want and if she is still hungry dont be tempted to give more until she finishes it with gusto, and she will if you dont give in. good luck Jan
To add weight, all you need is 1 - 2 teaspoons of Horlicks powder added to both daily meals ......A) its sweet so appertising

B) its full of minerals, nutrients, calcium etc it starts to build up their bodies and increases their appetites .......... :luck: Hannah .......
jezza said:
Thanks for all the replies, definately a few things I'd never thought of.
Sharon when you say breast of lamb do you mean cooked? Molly won't eat it raw (she really is a fussy madam - will only eat raw tripe or beef, sometimes chicken!) but I've never tried cooking it. I may sound a bit stupid here but I'm a veggie so I don't really know what to do with meat  :b

We visited my parents at the weekend and my mum cooked stew and dumplings for everyone else, dogs had the leftovers (except the dumplings as my OH finished them off  :lol:   ) and they loved it.  I sometimes cook up some meat and veg for them and they always finish it but I was worried about not getting the quantities of different food groups right. Having said that, I assume its probably better that she eats something rather than nothing.

Seraphina - I have not heard of those tablets, are they to stimulate appetite? I was thinking along these lines, however I will try the dumplings first I think. Do you get those tablets from a vet?

Julie - you could be right about yours coming into season affecting her appetite but Molly is spayed so its not that with her. I think I remember her being like this last winter, I don't know about anyone else but when its cold and dark outside all I want to do is eat!

Just wanted to add that I fed them this morning, gave them a bowl of Burns, soaked the biscuits and put a tin of sardines on top to tempt them. Lenny started chomping away (nothing wrong with his appetite) but Molly turned her nose up. Turned my back for 5 mins and there was Molly with her head stuck in the food bag, stuffing her face  (w00t)   I really think she's taking me for a mug  :angry:

:oops: sorry only just seen this :b sorry :b

i used to boil it in a pan for a couple of hours , let it cool then just chop it into small pieces , make sure you buy the lamb fresh though so you can freeze what she dosent eat and get it out at a later date :thumbsup:

also you must allow the lamb to cool before cutting it up as it is sooo fatty and is awfull when trying to cut it warm .

also when you feed it pop it in the microwave to warm it slightly , if she will eat raw tripe you can mix it in with the tripe also :thumbsup:

jan was such a fussy eater , tried everything but the lamb did the trick , best of luck :luck:
I put a dessert spoonful of oil, sunflower or whatever, in my whippet's food. Recommended by the Burns (dried food) people. I don't feed Burns.
I think Molly looks fine, but just shouldn't get any thinner. My Scrumpy is very skinny too. I'm just glad she's rough coated as she would look aenorexic if you could see her body. She eats twice as much as Hebe & Rafferty but is sooooo active that she just burns it all off again.

How old Is Molly? maybe she will start to fill out later, that's what happened with my other lurcher & now at 7 years old I have to watch her food intake as she will put weight on if allowed to eat everything she wants to :blink:

I think dogs are probably the same as people, some can eat anything & be size zero & others gat fat just looking at food :- "

So long as she is healthy I wouldn't worry about it. :thumbsup:
If she likes burns have you tried the high energy lamb one. I feed it to Dolly when she gets a bit skinny it is for large breed puppies and underweight dogs. My two love it. I have also tried the burns active and that helps put some weight on my two.
Thanks for all the ideas everyone, I have so many things to try now I don't know which to try first :D

I think Molly would love to have all these nice things in her diet, dumplings, custard, goats milk, horlicks! Do you think she might calm down a bit if I give her Horlicks :lol:

I had thought of giving her the high energy lamb burns but the only flavour she doesn't like is the lamb one! I am going to get her some 'proper' lamb though and see if she likes that.

I already put oil on their biscuits, they have lovely glossy coats for it (albeit Molly being a bit bald!) but it doesn't seem to have helped with her weight.

She is coming up to 3 years old so I assumed that she had done all her growing. I think she's probably always going to be a skinny one so I'll just have to stop being so jealous (w00t)
:cheers: Loads of great ideas... thanks and I've found the 'mini meals' seem to be working! :thumbsup: might have a go at giving her a cup of horlicks before bed too.

She's still mad tho'... she nicked a whole packet of ginger nuts the other day... :rant: but i found them uneaten in the open wrapper, she didn't even eat one (w00t) . I wonder if she realised the error of her ways before she ate one o:) or is she just so fussy that when she saw what was inside she decided she just didn't fancy one :eek: ! I gave her one later on and she looked very happy, then she took it and buried it under the hedge :lol: .
lucy,we give all ours goats milk and a few gravy bones before bed because we was waking up to bile on a morning,they love the milk its going down great,would try molly on some see how she goes,i personally dont think she looks too skinny but im sure with all the advise she should start putting some weight on soon :thumbsup:
:D I dont think Molly looks thin either :D

Robbie was very thin, and I mean THIN :( . I used to put his jacket on at opens incase people thought I was starving him :( . He would not eat any dog food, I tried loads (even his breeder tried to get him eating at the Devon opens) but he was not having it :angry: He only ate Chicken, rump steak (diced and boiled) pasta, brown bread (sometimes) and marrow bones treats :- "

He won 2 Rch one Nch title when he was very fussy weighing 18lbs :D

He's now almost 19lbs aged 6 years and eating Chudleys racing dog food , with chicken and pasta and he loves his food now :thumbsup:

Robbie is fed twice a day now, he used to get 3 little dinners :- " and a greedy wee pig now :lol: :lol: :oops:

His son Gizmo has went through the IM NOT EATING DOG FOOD stage :angry: :angry: but he's now eating the same as Robbie does now :thumbsup: Down goes his dinner, he gets 10 mins to eat it or it's all in the bin :blink: ,,tea time is just the same :thumbsup: ,,he's worked it out that if he does not eat it the bin does :lol: :lol: :lol:

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