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Talulla Is Very Poorly

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Poor Talullah (and you), what a scarey time. I hope she is fully recovered soon :))
What a nightmare. I hope Talullah gets better soon. :* :huggles: :wub: :luck:
So glad to read that Talulla is home & on the mend :) It's amazing how quickly they get over things like this, one minute they look really poorly & the next they are back to stealing your dinner :lol:

Lots of :luck: :luck: that she is back to her normal self soon.
So glad to hear Tallula is home - it is so worrying when they are ill and we feel so helpless.

:luck: :luck: for a speedy recovery and she is soon back to her normal self :huggles:
edited cos i flooded im such a numpty
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awww great news. lotsa love and get better vibes to tallulaha,

glad to hear she is on the mend. :)

saffi sends a waggy tail message too Image_192_.jpg
saffi is beautiful :wub:

The waggy tail has made Talulla feel much better - thankyou :))

She seems to be feeling better as she has just barked madly at the delivery man from Waitrose!!!!

I could not tell her off as it was so nice to see her up and barking and wagging. I am sure she is now trying her luck - she is getting away with so many things over the last few days :D

How can i tell my girl off when she looks at me as if to say " please don't be mean - i have been sooooooo poorly"

How long will she drag it out for i wonder. She has already had 2 of her xmas pressies!!
so glad she is feeling a lot better :wub:
Give Tallulah a huge hug from me!!!!

glad to hear shes mending!! xxxxx
Talulla says that all hugs are greatly recieved :))

She also says that she is feeling even better today - went to work at mummies pretty gift shop and chewed a basket and a wooden crocodile - then had a lovely walk along the river at Bodiam castle and rolled in poo :)) (w00t)

Everything here back to normal!!!!!!
:thumbsup: glad everthing is back to normal :huggles:

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