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Mark Roberts

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Hi All

      it's that time of year again, not long till the Waterloo Cup(26/27/28th February), 64 of some of the best coursing Greyhounds in UK/Irland battle it out for the best title in coursing.

just wonderd if anyone from this board will be going?
hi mark i have a good friend that gose every year to the waterloo cup in fact he treats all my dogs for injury hes called jerry wood his daughter coriene gose with him they usally have quite a few dogs entered you may know him
Tony will be going along with a few members of the whippet club, call me soft but I don't fancy spending all that time in the cold :0 , if I ever went I would probably come home with a honking big greyhound, so I'll probably go shopping instead :D

Michelle(not tony) ;)   :D   :D   ;)   ;)   :p
Hi All

       For a while I thought I was going to be sat there on my own?

at least that would have meant no que for the snack van :D
The Rabbles on form today


[quote=Cu-Luath Whippets,Feb. 22 2002,09 I take it we are behind Mark in the queue on Tuesday Scott?

yep you'll be behind me and 10.000 others

devided we jocky for a possition in the snack van Q :D
I hope you all will be wearing thermal undies(not thongs-mark :D ). I don't envy any of you-especially if the weather stays like this :angry:

hope you all have a good day, and remember the hip flask :D   :D
Hi Michelle

             Wish I could find the person who invented thongs? as theres a drink waiting for them. :D

Myself i'll be wearing the standard issue longjohns, waterproofs, gortex, hat ect. BUT if theres any young ladys who feel that they would like to wear them on the day I suppose :p  i'd turn a blind eye and not complain ;)

if anyone would like to meet up i'll be the one who cheers on the bank when the first pair are released from slips.
Well it was cold, wet, muddy, but a good day out. God bless the blokes in the tractors that pulled the cars off the car park! Personally I'd rather walk cross country for ten miles with my whippets but each to their own. One thing that did surprise me was the greyhounds stamina or lack of it. Ok I was rooting for the hare every time but some of the dogs there were knackered after about a 600 yd run.


PS Mark was only half way up the bank when the first pair were slipped so didn't get his first cheer in.

(Thought I'd get that in Mark, before June!)
Well as always the Anti hunt lot are having trouble adding up?, their claim off 150 protesters must have included the police, police horses & dogs and half of the people shopping in nearby Tesco, but i'm still not sure that would bring the toatal number of protesters to 150.(so much for standing by their covictions but then it was cold)

YES a big thank you needs to go out to the tractor drivers who worked from early moring Helping people on and off the field and who when they came to help us off actually appologised for us having to wait (5 mins)

Yes I missed the first slip! but my voice was heard for the rest (some would say too much)

And to all those who I commented to that Mr Attmore couldn't slip on ice I was wronge as he even managed to slip on the mud? (probably the only good slip he did all day)
His slip did give us a laugh though!  

Yes it was a great day out, like Scott I was surprised by the lack of stamina, give me a whippet any day.  The tractor drivers were wonderful and I got to the burger van first!  

Well I did leave home at 10 to 4 am and return home in the wind, snow and blizzard at 10pm!  Daft or what!

Yes we did hear Mark's voice a lot - but he was mostly drowned by the others around us!!

Thanks Mark, Scott & Lee for your company and chat, I had a great time - it's the first time you've seen me without the whippets too!!!  

Let us hope such day's are allowed to continue.
Hi June & Scott

                    Glad to hear you both enjoyed the day if not the Dogs, Can I take it that you will both be up for it again next year? and i'm sure there will be a next year once the farce they call the Scottish anti hunt bill has shown its true colours and consequences that the English bill will HAVE to be dropped into the history books were it belongs.

As for Lee (13) he loved his first Waterloo Cup and can't wait for next year. I think it had somthing to do with the insatiable Mz Symmons pampering him all day
Tony said that there were about 40 anti's(less than previous years-maybe they did'nt like the cold ;) ), the only thing I heard on local radio about is was that jamie rednapp and his singer wife louise(who ??? ) were going to be protesting.

Apparentley he had a really good day-and being the loyal loving girlfriend I am I kept him supplied with good quality butties, pork pies and whiskey(to keep the cold out ;) )

I'm glad you all had a good day-and long may it continue!!

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