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Well I'm a hare supporter! I got the greatest pleasure watching the dogs being made to look complete fools by the hares! Not only that but their stamina and agility were superb. What a wonderfull creature!

Hi Barbara

            Crafty Euro (the only Euro I want in UK) ran well on day 1 but there again the crafty dogs always do, the Divalys always turn their dogs out well.

The Hares although good strong Hares were not running as well as normal becouse of the wet ground but still managed to make a number of dogs look second class.

but now the goverment seem intent on easy option bill's to make the tax payer beleave they are worth their keep.

but my place on the bank will be filled next year and for every year that they organise it as a report said last night on the news that the prisons are over flowing so how can they arrest 10.000 coursing supporters in a day?

Mr Blair Wake up and smell the countryside while it's still how you like it, HUNTED AND LOOKED AFTER BY HUNTERS

      Tony's far too busy taking back handers to destroy the British steel industry and keep his Government "whiter than white" (I think that was the pledge/boast at a past election). Tell you what, let's blame it all on somebody else and give him another 3 termsand he'll sort it out.


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