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:sweating: penny has had her puppies 1 black and white bitch, and 4 dogs. (w00t)
thats brillant cant wait to see pictures
many congratulations hope penny had a easy whelping :) cant wait to see pics of pups what colour are the boys lots of luck with them :luck: :wub: hope everyone got what they wanted
the bitch 60 seconds old

:cheers: Congratulations :cheers: Well done Penny :wub:

So glad you got your little girl. :thumbsup:
blue dog, red dog, and black dog the 1st 3 born in order

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[SIZE=14pt]Penny & Keeper[/SIZE]

Not forgeting Lynne & Dave + Judy & Nigel

Hope everyone gets what they wanted

:cheers: :cheers: Enjoy :cheers: :cheers:
judy and nigel will put on some decent pictures later today :thumbsup:

if lynne want her blue it will be a dog.
they lovely oh judy how will you choose out 4 lovely boys :)
Fabulous news, Hmmmmmmmm, now what a choice for the Booker people. I predict a parti colour :thumbsup:

They are all little smashers, don't be trying to persuade me I need another dog Dave, I have nearly disopwned the two I have this afternoon after deer chasing and vet visits!

I love black and white, tell Lynn that it would have been my order to have a Fresian :wub: Lucky girl :huggles:

Please can some-one tell Lesley h she has a message on her anser machine from me.Ta :cheers:
A Big Congratulations to each and every one of you :thumbsup: :wub:

Especially Mum and Dad :wub: :huggles: But I'm sure the little girl will be spoilt as she is the only girl Lyn :- " :- "

They look so adorable, :wub: :wub: :wub: good luck to everyone that are having them :wub: :thumbsup:
whoopeee!!!!! (w00t) I've got the champers on ice, but while I'm waiting, a G&T will have to do. Don't care about the colour. Will let Judy & Nigel have all the hard work choosing!

WELL DONE Penny. Thanks for giving me a choice. :cheers:
Lovely babies :wub: ............Well Done Penny & Congrats Dave & Lynn :cheers:
:wub: :wub: WELDONE THEY LOOK LOVELY :huggles: :wub: :wub: CONGRATS TO MUM & DAD dont for get we want more pics :- " :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
Wow!! They are gorgeous and we got there in time to see the last 2 being born. Penny had the first 3 within 20 minutes of beginning to nest. She had such an easy whelping :D

We are spoilt for choice with the dogs. A black one and a red one, our 2 favourite colours are there and also a stunning red & white parti as well as a lovely blue one :wub:

The first one born was the blue dog so Jo's premonition was right for about 5 minutes ;)

Black & White Bitch


Black Dog


Red Dog


Blue Dog


Black & White Bitch and Red & White Dog


Blue Dog again


Another of the Black Dog


Red Parti Dog


Black & White Bitch and Red Dog

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