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Wcrch Conway Celt & Timekeeper

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(w00t) and the other side :thumbsup:

she looks all legs :blink:

i think your right dave shes not going to get to 20lb i doubt :wacko:
She is just the sweetest little thing. Hope Kevin is saving up ;) I think Hazard will only be around 24lb, maybe 25 and he's the biggest in the litter. Keeper seems to have thrown puppies of all different sizes from small to big :blink:
She's beautiful :wub:

I think the 16 & 18lb groups will be very busy next year! (w00t) :lol:
Weighed Axl yesterday, 18lb 10oz. For the first time less than Boss at the same age. Think he will only make 20lb, ;) just the right size for a stud dog???

This is despite trying to suppliment his diet with a brown slimy goo which turned out to be a chewed up snail...yeuch :x
6 months old, now the fun begins they can start their training. lets hope they are all as good as mum and dad :thumbsup:
Wishing all the gang an early 6 month birthday. Axl looks scarey when running, a whirl of white legs going in no particular direction!
Looking forward to the weekend, as now able to run Axl 'legally' for the first time. In the field the is little sign of co-ordination, so I am excited at the prospect of bringing him on.

I love this time , watching puppies from the litter develop at their own pace, each very different despite comming from the same litter.
Wooooohooooo! I'm looking forward to seeing them all on Sunday. Hazard is about the same speed as Ziggy now :lol:
training with lynne young and old.

(w00t) can i borrow Lynne to train this lot :lol: :lol:

Tia looks so grown up now, we just dont see enough piccys of her :- "
all of our dogs love the local sand dunes (it hard work to walk up this one ) (w00t)

Lovely pics of the girls :wub:

Best place to be on the sofa with the whippets :thumbsup:
peppermint lady said:
conway said:
all of our dogs love the local sand dunes (it hard work to walk up this one ) (w00t)
walking (w00t) i thought you would be running up there dave :lol:

it's bloody hard work to walk down it (it is the biggest sand dune in britain) the pic does not show it from right at the bottom. it is where i used to train my athletes for stamina.
(w00t) (w00t) Tia lokks absolutely stunning :wub: :wub: and its no wonder your dogs are always so fit can't wait to see her againthe last time we saw her she was tiny.

All the very best of :luck: :luck: :luck: :luck: with her our Hateley ALWAYS lies where ever Derek lies but the other 3 are all over me.

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