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What Do You Feed Your Dog(S)?

What do You Feed Your Dog(s)?

  • Tinned Meat

    Votes: 2 5.0%
  • Dry Complete

    Votes: 24 60.0%
  • Raw

    Votes: 9 22.5%
  • Leftovers

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Something Else (Please post)

    Votes: 5 12.5%

  • Total voters

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Hi, would someone please give me an idiots guide to raw feeding? I never heard of it until I saw it on this forum. I have a 5 month old lurcher puppy and it is something I would like to know more about. Thanks :- )
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My two Border Collies eat Wainwrights Trays and Nature Diet as their staple diet. They also have Skinners Duck and Rice as training treats!
cant believe leftovers havnt got a vote ere, many dog from years ago wouldnt have survived without them, mine defo do with no weight or skin problems, well excema with the black one which is well controlled.
I have tried many many things for Oreo. From burns to James wellbeloved to other expensive dry foods.

We have settled on chappie wet and Oreo loves it. She does smell a bit more dog like since the switch but her skin problems have reduced significantly.

She often has a Sunday lunch once a week which are basically left overs. She really enjoys Sunday dinners!
mine gets leftovers lurcherman, i just couldn't tick all the boxes.

Someone asked about raw and complete at the same time. I don't do this. Raw meals are fed on a towel on the floor in the evening. I leave a good few hours before feeding raw, if he has had any kibble for his breakfast (some days he wont eat it, so i take it up and try again later maybe): and if i feed him raw, especially bones etc, thats it, he gets nothing else till the next day. Not that he would need any, as he would be out for the count. I may put scraps in his bowl whilst he is asleep, but nothing grainy. If he does eat a bit of bone that is too big to go through, he will ralph it up first thing in the morning, like an owl. I don't want anything else in there that might hide it, and have him pass it. He does expect to have dog food dinner too, but i have to just let him whinge it out. I've had him eat a whole bass, then cry for his 'dinner'.
We have recently had some allergy tests done on Oreo (there is a thread somewhere), where one of the things she is potentially allergic to is Gluten.

I have looked at the 'symptoms' for Gluten allergies in dogs and it seems that everyone matches Oreo.

Oreo does not eat dry food so wet is our only option really. So that has left us with James Wellbeloved wet and Butchers Meaty something or other, as most Butchers stuff is gluten free.

We shall see how she gets on with it, but early signs are that she is really enjoying it at the minute!
I feed my domino irish staffy half dry half meat he dosent eat much and he only 3yrs old and he a well built dog. He very fussy with food and treats the only treats he has are chomps that you get from poundland 20 for a quid and rodios he likes them does any have same thing with there dog ????


Hi and welcome.

My Oreo is a very fussy eater and there are things she will have one day that she won't have the next.

I am sure they do it sometimes to test us! lol
Welcome to Dog Forum :)

Mine pretty much eat anything!! :lol:

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