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What Do You Feed Your Dog(S)?

What do You Feed Your Dog(s)?

  • Tinned Meat

    Votes: 2 5.0%
  • Dry Complete

    Votes: 24 60.0%
  • Raw

    Votes: 9 22.5%
  • Leftovers

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Something Else (Please post)

    Votes: 5 12.5%

  • Total voters


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I thought it would be interesting to see what we all feed our ruffers!
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i dont tell people what i do feed them, reasons well if anything bad happens its the peeps who come out saying stuff like well thats happens when you feed that stuff,
lol - you are right - human nature I guess!

Always someone to make you feel bad when you already feel rubbish!
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We have very little choice what we feed Molly. She has GSD sensitive stomach and although we wanted to feed her on dry complete, every variety that we tried caused projectile diarrhoea even when it was brought in gently and slowly. She was so thin and malnourished when we got her that we didn't even know she had long hair when we adoped her because it was all dry and broken off at about an inch long.

After trying everything from Burns to Skinners to horribly expensive (and ineffective) Hills sensitivity food and having the same response from her intestines someone said that the only thing left to try was raw, so we put her on chopped raw green tripe and the diarrhoea stopped on day 2 and has never returned, apart from the occasional stomach upset or day that she's got herself really anxious over something.

She has a chicken carcass, chicken back, half a turkey neck or a few chicken wings for breakfast and then has 500g of raw mince with bone for her tea, and this has maintained her body weight between 36 and 38kg for years now.
I use Lily's Kitchen for mine and works great for me. Have used other foods in the past but have great objections to the manufacturing processes and ingredients used. The results have been amazing and the vets bills are incredibly lower. The dogs love the food so we are all happy. Whilst its not cheap I figure the money is going to be spent somewhere and I would rather spend on food than trips to the vets.

Since feeding Lily's the trips to the vets have been limited to annual checkup/boosters for all except Rebus who managed to get an ear infection. Upset stomachs are few and far between and when these do arise are a 24 hour inconvenience. I am able to feed normally throughout (unusual I know) and they last a few hours at most.
redmills tracker/racer

depending what they are doing

raw if and when i can , bones, eggs,sardines,fish,meat,veg,,,oh they love theeir daily portion of a banana mmmmmm

i feed accordly how they look ,if on the light side feed more n vise versa
I fed red mills, the ingredients differed when they changed the packaging.

Wouldnt feed it to anything anymore let alone my dogs.

Have a look at GAIN. Far better than red mills.
Raw beef...occasional chicken wings...occasional handful of a complete such as wellbeloved or burns...and occasional biscuits
We feed a diet of part raw including bone) and part complete. We avoid wheat, gluten and corn and try for complete foods as close to natural as possible for the meals we feed a complete.
Trophy Petfoods complete. Duck & Veg for the whippets, Lite for Mandy (ideal for her chronic liver disease) - both from their Premium range. Excellent food and they look and do very well indeed on it.
My dogs have Wagg, seems ok for them, not had any problems .. they also have tinned meat on the evening,. :D
Raw all the way !!!! best thing i ever did , 4 Labs costs me about £50 to feed them for a month. Inca has Irritable bowel so cannot have any grain based carbs or she gets the runs, My dogs don't smell, poo less and have lovely white teeth.

Just a question though , those of you who feed raw and complete , do you mix the two together or are they separate meals ?
I fed red mills, the ingredients differed when they changed the packaging.

Wouldnt feed it to anything anymore let alone my dogs.

Have a look at GAIN. Far better than red mills.
Had a problem with my lot this year with Red Mills, fed it to them all last year and they were fine. They won't touch the "New" stuff and i've had to return a bag and have gone back to Gain 28.
mine has all of the above, and supplements his own diet by being a scavenger and a thief.

He gets complete kibble which i change every time, so i have been through most varieties available, some he hates, most he only tolerates. But they are handy for bringing as his packup to work, and don't cause any jealousy with my clients dogs.

He then gets raw, meat, bones, chicken backs, fish scraps and reduced whole fish from the supermarket, or mackerel from my neighbours, or sardines. He used to get tripe when i was trying to fatten him up, but it got too much for me to cope with, smell wise. He also has a pigs ear a day.

Apart from this he gets veg, but won't eat it if you put it in his bowl, in fact won't go near his bowl.

He then eats a lot of cleavers, or sticky weed, every day, i've tried it myself, it tastes of peas which is weird cos he won't eat peas, i've heard its good for joint pains, so he's very welcome to do a bit of weeding for me.

He also eats bees, wasps, grashoppers and flies, and in the summer must get through about 10 a day!! I've tried stopping him, but he loves it so much and again its handy, you just shout dude! Wasp! And he's there..

He also gets sneaked biscuits by many of the old ladies i work for. I've caught him being fed fortnum and mason rose petal biscuits before! But its normally ginger nuts or digestives.

His buddy coco has taught him about pears, and they eat a few between them in the summer, straight from the trees in the garden. And for fun he eats rotten wood, he ate so much once he pood saw dust.

None of the above things count as dinner to him, and he will sit next to his bowl and sob every evening, unless he gets half a tin of tinned mush in a seperate bowl to anything else.

Just read this back, what a pig he sounds! He is wormed, honest! He is outdoors a lot more than he would choose to be, so i figure he needs the extra calories.
Oreo is on chappie due to her itching.

It seems to help alot but it isn't perfect.

She was previously on dry complete food.
I have fed my dogs Omega chicken complete for about 20 years now .

They have all been very healthy and long lived and look great on this .

They also get a little Chappie mixed in , a daily slice of banana a whole carrot each and some biscuits .
Lily has Natures Menu, she likes it, and does well on it :)
When he came to us Jasper was on Bakers, which probably accounted for his ahem, excitability, not to mention the large quantities of gases and virtually liquid waste that came with him. After experimenting with a few better quality completes we switched to full on prey model raw and it was without a doubt the best thing I have ever done. Not only was he healthier and fitter, there was also a marked change in his general demeanour and behaviour.

Garbage in, garbage out folks.

Unfortunately I lost both of my local suppliers within a couple of months so have had to switch back to a grain free kibble, but the hunt for new sources goes on.

My problem is that I have a limited storage capacity, so I am unable to use the normal online suppliers because of their minimum order requirements. It was working fine when I could source locally, but if all you have to rely on is unsympathetic butchers and.super markets, raw can get real expensive, real quick.

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