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What dog have I got?


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Hello forum,

We have moved in to a farm in Belgium, and the former owners have left us a dog. After he got used to us, he became a perfect companion, inspite of spending years locked in a cage and being fed potatoes.

I would love to know what mixture of other dog has produced this marvel. His name is Sloefke. P5070090.jpg
Short legged chap ent he, I'd be happy to say terrier hahaha, I think I'd let better people than me go for it, I've a few guesses but I'm a chicken to say lol
Handsome, eh? Produces a deep and loud woof so it suited the farmer, who said he had run over his previous dog with the tractor, and this smaller one didn't eat as much. Having a dog locked in a cage as a sort of alarm system is a common sight here in Belgium.

Here is dog as first seen. He had many enormous ticks on his head.

P3190123 (2) - Copy.JPG
The farmer sounds a bit of a git if you ask me, the dogs took to you so that's a plus for you and the dog.
Looking at his legs I was gunna say a bit of dandie dinmont and his long body style but hey it's only a guess.
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One feature of the dog is the sticking up ears. Is it possible it's based on a French Bulldog, but with a snout?
Geez it so hard to give a proper answer really, dog looks ok for rats thow lol
What about some Griffon Bruxellois? Still does not account for the pointy ears! They are a breed from Belgium though.
Bit of a mix, but he looks as tho he can handle himself!

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