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What foods won't your dog eat?


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Inspired by the thread 'What is your dog's favourite food love', what, if anything, does your dog not like?

Jasper doesn't like:

dried sprats: I think they're a bit scratchy for his delicate mouth
fresh sprats: Too slimy?
Lettuce and similar leafy stuff
dried liver, and raw liver unless it's well mixed with another meat

I think that's possibly it.

Banana. Which is a surprise because I thought it would be a big hit.
To be honest, with mine being a 16 week puppy. I haven't found anything he wouldn't eat given the opportunity. Hopefully he will start being a bit more picky and only be intrested in eating actual food.
Apple cores are a funny one with Jasper. He used to eat them, but generally now he'll turn up his nose at them. However, if you leave them lying around, he'll come back and eat them at predicatable 'snacky times' - generally after a walk or after a meal. It's the only food he'll save for later.
Murphy loves his fruit and veg but he is allergic to beef so we cant feed beef. He wont chew any bone except his antler or ostrich bone.. (trust him to choose the most expensive)

George is new to the idea of plant based foods and anything non meat based is rolled around in disgust and rejected... I
I'm using a slug barrier made out of sheep's wool in the garden. Jasper did wonder if it might be edible - smells of sheep, perhaps? - but I'm very glad he decided it wasn't. I must remember never to put it round mint or he might think it's the equivalent of a Sunday roast.
Harri won't eat any type of fruit. Veggies are more popular, but not much! He gets peas and carrots in his dinner every day and if he's hungry he'll wolf the lot. If not then he'll go through and carefully spit out the carrots on to the floor.
Mine haven't turned their noses up to anything yet!
Won’t eat?? That’s funny! :D
Roxy will eat ANYTHING!

Her favourites are peanut butter, cucumber, banana, strawberries and well..most things!

I didn’t think she’d eat Kale because let’s face it it’s gross, but she loves it!
Such a greedy dog lol
So far I haven’t found anything she doesn’t like, oh apart from plain rawhide which she used to love but she’s gone off them, she’ll chew them a bit then leave them, smart bones instead now, expensive taste
Only once has she ever been off her food, being the way she is, I cried because I thought there was something seriously wrong! :oops:
My 2 don't refuse any food bananas are their favourite
My hens and rats love banana but never thought of feeding a banana to a dog !
I will try it today.
The only thing Whisp won't eat is prawns, they disturb her
My hens and rats love banana but never thought of feeding a banana to a dog !
I will try it today.
The only thing Whisp won't eat is prawns, they disturb her

Mashed Banana is fab for stuffing kongs with :)
I have just tried the girls with a piece of raw mushroom. Well, you know just how greedy the spaniels are :rolleyes:. With 7 girls all hanging around for whatever vegetable bits and pieces are flicked onto the floor while I have prepared them for our meal. Then they all dived in to get the piece of raw mushroom that I flicked in their direction, (bumping heads and the sound of jaws crashing together), typical greedy spaniels! Guess what I found on the floor when the excitement of who would get it first was over!!
No, not a lost tooth or blood from a nose bleed :eek:, just a piece of raw mushroom, that no one wanted:rolleyes:.
Oh yes, as mentioned in an earlier post cooked is absolutely fine;)

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