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What is whippet racing?


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Would someone mind giving me some more information this subject? I don't know much about it but would like to!

Do you just do it for fun?
How do you know the dogs enjoy it?

Whippet racing is split into two, peds and non peds. As you would guess the big difference is in peds the dogs are KC registered Whippets in non peds they do not have to be. I can only reply for peds but I think non peds are generally the same. Yes it is just for fun, in peds their is no prize money or gambling so money is not involved. The top winning dogs in the country win rosettes and a velvet jacket. With a trophy to display for a year. In races Dogs and Bitches run together in weight groups, (say 16 - 18 lbs, 19 - 21 lbs etc). They chase a lure, normally bits of plastic tied to the end of a line. Races are either straight of between 150 yds and 200 yds or round two bends for a total of around 240 yds, (imagine a flattened out inverted U). The straight races are over in a bit over 10 secs. As to the dogs enjoying it you only have to see the excitement around the traps and remember their is nobody on their back urging them on. A Whippet is bred over many years to have a chase drive and racing is one safe way you can let them. All in all I would say it is a very enjoyable day out for both the owners and their dogs. And I will add fortunately you do not see retired Whippet rehoming groups, that is because the dogs are first off a family pet so when their racing days are over they remain a much loved pet.
Thank you so much @Biker John for all that information and I understood it all! I bet it is an exciting day out for dog and human. I love seeing whippets and greyhounds being able to zoom around, you can just see the enjoyment in their face!
my boy seems to enjoy it, I guess he wouldn’t do it otherwise C7854347-FC46-4141-8F1C-2536BD21AB97.jpegDF3966D6-7D3D-44C4-865C-7038F302C27E.jpeg

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