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Whats the best food based dog toy?


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Having a Labrador it takes some doing to keep him entertained for longer than 5 minutes!
At the moment the only food based toy I use is the kong... I feel extra proud when I manage to wedge the treats in supper tight and it takes him 10 minutes instead of 5!!!

Always on the look out for something else though -

Does anyone else use something different?
Do you have any good suggestions @Cathounds?
Ah thank you @JudyN ! This can be one of his Christmas presents :)
We've had really good feedback on the K9 Connectable range we stock.

Some of their features are:
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can be frozen
  • Used with raw feed diets
  • Conform to British toy making standard for children (there currently aren't any for dog toys)
  • Different connection levels of difficulty
  • Safe alternative to sticks (tech bone)
  • The Original is the same size and shape as a tennis ball.
Oh and they are on offer until tomorrow :)

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