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Whippet X Ig 7 Months Old

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I go the same PM. Interestingly enough, I had made no "nasty comments", I just provided links and well wishes for Louie :unsure:

I have replied along these lines and also suggested that rescue, K9 or TWF would have been a better choice for rehoming Louie :thumbsup:
I also got a PM, but then I would!!!!!!!!! It amazes me that people can take on a dog when they have serious health problems. She took Skye and look what happened there.

Why didn't she let the rescue that helped re-home Skye take this poor little chap, and, what has happened to her whippet?
It amazes me that people can take on a dog when they have serious health problems. Dont think having health problems is the issue I have quieta few health problems. what you have to do is make sure you ahve very very good backup planes incase your situation changes or your health alters. you need to sit down work out what a dog need for a good life and make sure your going to be abell to do that or have someone come in who can help you do that. I know I have back up and even back up on the back up. anyone heard if the littel lads sorted yet
Louie's new mum and dad came to pick him up today, they travelled a great distance and fell in love with him instantly. They are a lovely middle aged couple who have previously owned IG's. They were homechecked and approved by a rehoming co-ordinator of the Italian Greyhound Rescue.

Thank you for letting us know, Angie :D

I'm glad you have found a lovely home for Louie and I hope your health improves :thumbsup:
I have only just logged in to find this post? :( what eactly went on? i have louies sister .... pickle! she's amazing and i would have had louie too! :( xxx
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