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Why Didn`t I Take The Camera???


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Went for a quick mouch this morning . In the last field I walked in the dogs got a rabbit up near the edge of the field near to the gate. They coursed the bunny through the gate , it was trying to get to some burrows near to the stone walling. The dogs made a bid for it ,and turned it away from the wall. There are some more holes in some rock about 20 yards away and the rabbit made for these. I thought the dogs had miseed out as it gained a little on them . I should have known better just as it was about to get to ground, the whippet made a bid for it , but it jinked . Just as it entered the hole my other bitch Tia the whippxcollie nabbed it with a tremendous strike. Why didn`t I have the camera with me!!!!! How many times are we out with our dogs when they get a great run and something special happens , but we rarely get chance to capture it?

Here`s a pic taken later, one unlucky rabbit

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Well done :cheers: ......its typical - I always see a deer when I havnt got my camera.

are those ferrets behind you - guess whats for dinner??
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Nice looking dogs doing what they were ment to :thumbsup:
Thats why because you didn't take the camera,sods law :lol: well done :cheers:
JUst got some pictures of Oscar (lurcher) this evening, I reckon the photo shoot got in the way. It was abit of a distraction to be honest. Hes done the business, the rabbit is presented then I walk away from him to take a photo !! He must of been baffled, and dropped the rabbit to the ground.

I won,t be doing the photo thing until he is 100% on the retrieve.

Next chance will be with the ferrets next sunday, and with the Blues Brothers being used.


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