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Winter Lure Coursing

Scott Frodsham

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By popular demand we'll be running lure coursing at the northern over the winter. Please email me or PM me to enter a dog.

13th November ~ Lure coursing.

27th November ~ Lure coursing.

11th December ~ Lure coursing.

15th January ~ Lure coursing.

12th February ~ Lure coursing.

26th February ~ Lure coursing.

No meaningless titles or prizes, just for the dogs enjoyment. £1.50 a dog, minimum of 2 runs, all proceeds going to the NPWRC.

Hot Tea/Coffee/Bovril available.
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Good luck with the lure coursing, :luck: just out of curiosity what are meaningless titles and prizes :unsure:
I can see me n Jac freezing our **** off on that field again (w00t)
well if u need two big hands to keep them warm VICKY mine are free LOL :thumbsup:
Are those the meaningless titles you wanted to run for?.

you still havn't answerd Paula in the other thread?.
You can put my two dogs down for the 13th of November.

Who's doing the brewing?
Scott, where about is this? I live in North Wales any where near me?

would love to start racing :thumbsup:

(but we have a dodgy car so can't travel too far at the moment)
»Tina« said:
Scott, where about is this? I live in North Wales any where near me?
would love to start racing  :thumbsup:

(but we have a dodgy car so can't travel too far at the moment)

Hi Tina,

we're near Chorley, Mark's lure coursing/racing may be closer to you. :thumbsup:


:( dam ok thanks Scott, my car won't even make it 30 miles at the moment so no racing for a while :wacko:
I've got three ped whippets what is the size limit for the coursing?
rythem said:
I've got three ped whippets what is the size limit for the coursing?
I looks as though someones lost there tongue ( scott )

I don't know why he hasn't answered the post. Maybe they don't want anymore members?

I do know of a new club which is run by mark roberts it's the lancashire. hope thats in your area. Try giving mark a ring his number is on his website

Hope that helps you rythem
Mark, are you still planning to run one in Gloucs at some point?
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hi Marks having computer probs at the mo said hes waiting for Joanna to sort a venue out.
nope no height/weight limits with the Northwest Lure Coursing Club.
The NPWRC lure coursing will be open for members first and will be then back fiilled with anybody who email/PMs me with an interest! :thumbsup:

Any questions email me.

Cheers! :cheers:
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Results from the 1st NPWRC Lure Coursing Meeting - 13th November 2005.

What a glorious day! A full 16 dog stake, basked in sunshine, the ground was forgiving and we ran over appox. 440 yards. Thanks to the slippers, Sue Greenwood for sorting out the drinks, and a very big thank you to Holly Jepson for re-threading the lure.

Well done to Diane and Dave Naylor for completing a double! :cheers:

Slippers Gary Colbourn/Barry Jepson

1st Round

Oozing Confidence bt

Angel Eyes

El Mundo bt


Born to Run bt

Floyd’s Girl

El Toro Loco bt

Savilepark Strongman

Reason to Believe bt

Irish Charmer

Whiz bt

Lilting Leah

Twist of Fate bt

Goodnight Vienna

Photo Finish bt

Irish Princess

2nd Round

El Mundo bt

Oozing Confidence

Born to Run bt

El Toro Loco

Reason to Believe bt


Twist of Fate bt

Photo Finish

Semi Finals

El Mundo bt

Born to Run

Reason to Believe bt

Twist of Fate

Main Final

Reason to Believe bt

El Mundo

Cons Final

Digby bt

Irish Charmer

Well done to all new dogs that ran today, we didn’t have a single one that would not chase and they all took to it like ducks to water! Looking forward to the next meeting, Diane has kindly offered to bring some turkey baps to have with our soup! :thumbsup: Please can people book in with me asap, as I don’t want people to be disappointed again if the stake is full. :(

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