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Hi i was wondering what wormers does everyone use? I give my boy's prazitel plus but after giving it to Oliver today i feel i need to try something new as his tummy gets upset with it and he's pretty unhappy all day poor guy. Thank you
I've given my dog Drontal and Panacur in the past. One of them made him throw up - but I can't remember which one:oops:

But there is another way... for 4-5 years now, I've used Wormcount. Every 4 months or so I collect poo samples over three days (one day for a range of worms, three days for a lungworm screen) and send them off to be screened. So far, they've come back clear every time so I haven't had to give him any chemical wormers. Though one time, when he'd had a slightly runny bum, they came back positive for some other parasite so I was able to get a treatment from the vet without them having to do any tests.

The best bit is when you take the package to the Post Office and they ask you, for security purposes, what is in the package...:D
we don't worm olive
But you said she is having puppies, has had blood in her poo and a sample analysed by the vet and parasites found and you have been given a paste (is it Panacur?) - so are you going to worm her now?

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