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Few years ago I had a litter, and run on 4 of the pups untill they were 4 months old. They were nor sick, they were happy fat pups, the only hint that not all is 100% was their coat, which was not as soft as i am used to. Basically they looked not wormed properly to me. I tried without success every product my vet and other vets sold, worming them every couple of weeks. In the end i got Drontal and the pups passed large number of quite mature round worms. I always weigh my pups on very acurate scales and give them the maximum recomended dose.
Chien said:
I am having a real battle with a 4 months old puppy I have bought. She was full of worms when I got her at 9 weeks, so wormed immediately - she passed loads of dead worms.  As she has had 'runny poos' since arrival I wormed her again at 12 weeks and 16 weeks - no worms were seen on these 2 occassions, but the diarrhoea persisted! It got worse again this week so gave a little kaolin/morphine which cleared the runs up. However, today, at 18 weeks, she threw up a wriggling mass of roundworms! (w00t)   I have wormed her again with piperazine tablets. Never having had this problem with puppies I have bred or bought before I am at a loss to know how to proceed to clear them up once and for all.Any help would be gratefully received :thumbsup:
Simple solution, DRONTAL PLUS dual wormer.Never fails. contact Vet Medic of Ilkeston Derbys. they will post out same day.
I only ever use Panacur with my lot now because they have all had Drontal Plus before and on both occasions my dogs were very ill after use.

The second time we even wormed only some of the dogs one week and they were ill,we waited three weeks and wormed the others and they too were ill.

The vet advised us not to use it again as it made them so unwell.....severe vomiting and diarrhoea.

Panacur seems to work very well for my lot. :)

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